How do educate my son to hear me?

Many will miss this point when giving you the advice. The best way of having your son hear you - whether it is you want him to respect you and listen not just hear, or whether he is deaf and you want to help him and teach him sign to build relationship with your son.

In anything mate, one needs to build that trust, that relationship and strong tie with their son or daughter. First, spend time with your son and I am not saying you're not.

But find out what his needs are, his dreams are first, his thoughts, the way he thinks and begin to know who you are too. By knowing who your son really is from the begin to also know about yourself - what you need to do.

Go out together, as a family and do so step by step. Maybe at first, he won't want to because of the usual peer pressure but keep going, and he will start thinking more about you because you are thinking more about him and not how he doesn't listen to you.

When the challenge, the things someone doesn't do is taken out of the picture and love, the vision of a longer stronger lasting son and father relationship is looked at more carefully and it is this that we build towards first - then everything slowly takes place.

Find anything good you can about your son. No matter how hard it maybe. Find out his personality:

Is he dominant personality? Well, if he is then dominant don't like being told what to do. They see that as you wanting a fight. But they are also great leaders, hard workers on the things they are passion about. They like solving, leading, bring the light in the show.

Now, when you find that out - you can use the language of dominant people to your advantage.

Is he inspiring personality? Or is he Cautous personality? Is he supportive personality? All these four are character trait. The person will have one strong character trait and have one of the rest or all of them but of the trait will be stronger.

When I found for example my families personalities, I could then speak in the language they understand. If it is High Supportive but with Cautious then I will know they like supporting people, they like to give, their downfall is they can be suckers too and treated like one. And due to being cautious, I make sure I get to the points, with facts and figures and not talk for hours on what I want doing and mention - this will help us all, the family and we would appreciate "your" help. And add, "what do you think? We can't do it without you."

If they are inspiring then they are bubbly, excited, the star of the show. They want to have FUN. So, I find fun ways for them to learn and make them the star of the show. And so forth.

Now, if your personality is Dominant and you are talking to a supportive and you are aggressive then you can hurt them from the inside. You'll put them off, they don't want to be around you. So it is important to know your son's character trait, his personality, his needs, his dreams and then use the language, his personality to help him.

Influencing someone isn't about telling someone what to do. You don't need to when you find out their "NEEDS" and "what their "HOT BUTTONS" are.

That means we have to learn about each other and realise, this is not a quick fix solution but takes time, comittment and a lot of love.

Hope all goes well and I know it well.
Your question doesnt make sense. Try re-phrasing it.
Is he deaf? If not, make a game out of it, like the kid's game called "Operator". You whisper something into his ear and ask him to say it out loud and see if he "hears" you correctly.
As a music teacher I would say try music. The basics of any instrument are eazy enough to master and it may stimulate your child to take and interest and listen. One of the eazy thing to do is simply catch them being good. When the do something in line with what you want them to do give praise. and sometimes tell them they are great when you feel satisfied in your life.
I have found that what works best with my daughter is to make sure that she is looking at me before I begin talking to her. If she isn't looking at me, she is probably paying attention to something other than me. (Especially if I am asking her to do something.)
Can you please rephrase the question?
DO you want him to listen to you? That's easy. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If you tell him to put away his toy or there's no video games tonight. If he doesn't put away his toys make sure there are no video game tonight. Don't correct him for very little thing. Select the most important issues, tell him clearly what you want him to do and what will happen if he doesn't and FOLLOW THROUGH.
just study with him
silence every other noise so he/she can only focus on you..say his/her name clearly and state your business,
tell him in a soft spoken way or use the reverse psycology.
hope it may help u.
I think you mean how to get your son to listen to you?

You need to get down to his level- meaning bend down and make him look at you in your face. Talk in a very calm and soft voice. Tell him exactly what you want him to do instead of telling him what you don't want him to do.

Don't give too much info. Just get your point across with as few words as possible. Talk in his language.
Talk less. Follow through with actions--not more talk.
your son will listen to you if you listen to him. give eye contact be consistent and honest with your answers, giving simple explanation's, not a "because i say so " and be patient .
How old is your son? Be more specific.

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