Research on stay at home moms and child nouns?

Where can I find reliable studies and research done on the effect of stay at home moms on child development? Day precision in my nouns starts at 3 years old.

Answers:    The answers, and than some; Dr. Raymond Moore did abundant studies in this nouns; can be found in one of his books call Better Late Than Early, by Dr. Raymond Moore, and Dorothy Moore.

In this book, much of what is commonly believed about the benefits of precipitate child hood education is question, and disputed; although they set out to prove that early child hood coaching was a well brought-up thing, the contrasting proved to be true; it will give you a investigational perspective on the importance of children anyone at home with their parents, and the copious benefits it has on a youthful child's development.
If you do a google turn upside down for "stay at home mom child development study" you'll receive hits. (and "working mom child development study" as well)

The studies tend to support that kids of working moms don't suffer developmentally. However, at hand is much more to life than developmental growth. There is a sense of warranty, behavior, etc.

From my limited research I enjoy found that the conclusion is that being a working mom doesn't hurt your child, but individual a stay at home mom is better for your child. (Much like the breast milk/formula debate).

But deeply depends on the quality of parenting and the aspect of day support as well.

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