I involve a Native American story for Preschool (preferably printable and illustrated)?

I have to edify a preschool class and the topic of the day is going to be Native Americans. I call for a story to read with them. I would to some extent have something I can print out and purloin to school since it's going to be on Friday (16th).

please if you know of a story that can print out...I'd be forever grateful!! !!

An Native American (Cherokee) Folktale
Adapted by Jean Warren

Once upon a time a group of wolves caught a overweight little groundhog just as he come out his hole.

"Now, we will eat you," they said and lick their lips.

"Wait," said the little groundhog. "Don't you know, it is the custom to large it by dancing in the past you enjoy a big feast"

The wolves know this was true, because they have often watch the native associates dancing past they enjoyed a big formal meal. "Yes, you are right little groundhog, they said, we will dance previously we eat you."

Around and around little groundhog, the wolves dance.

"You are all accurate dancers," said little groundhog, "but you would have more room to leap, if you moved back a bit".

The wolves agreed and stepped hindmost and danced even better.

"It's a treat to survey you dance," said little groundhog, "but you could twirl around while you caper, if you stepped back simply a few steps more."

The wolves were proud of how okay they danced and they required to be able to twirl around, so they stepped posterior even further.

Finally, they had moved wager on so far, that little groundhog was competent to scamper back down his hole.

Before the wolves know what was going on, little groundhog had disappeared. To this daylight, when a wolf sees a big groundhog hole contained by the sky at night, they howl for the groundhog to come out again.

The train.
you can go online and obtain the story or even go to the library and theres a children's story of it
and possibly after you read it to them show them the cartoon movie!
try finding these stories on queue The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Paul Goble
Star Boy by Paul Goble
The Legend of the Bluebonnet by Tomie dePoala
When Clay Sings by Byrd Baylor
Iktomi and the Berries by Paul Goble
Iktomi and the Boulder by Paul Goble
Iktomi and the Buffalo Skull by Paul Goble
Crow Chief by Paul Goble
Ten Little Rabbits by Virginia Grossman and Sylvia Long
Corn is Maize by Aliki
Raven by Gerald McDermott
Arrow to the Sun by Gerald McDermott
Quillworker by Terri Cohlene
Dancing Drum by Terri Cohlene
Turquoise Boy by Terri Cohlene
Clamshell Boy by Terri Cohlene
When Clay Sings by Byrd Baylor
Rainplayer by David Wiseniewski
Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message by Chief Jake Swamp

thanksgiving stories
Thanksgiving at the Tapleton's by Eileen Spinelli
'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey
Friendship's First Thanksgiving by WIlliam Accorsi
N.C. Wyeth's Pilgrims text by Robert San Souci
one traditional story told by the black foot tribe is a story call ''scarface'' its apropriate for little kids too. look it up on th web.

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