Hi my daughter is like coughing every 2 mins what should i do and should she go to preschool or not?

no she shouldn't... she is miserable, other parents won't feel that thier child's health was considered, and the teacher will have a sick, miserable baby in her class
Of course not. She'll make everyone else sick. Kids who are sick need to stay home.
Call the doctor
contact ur family doctor n he or she will tell u wut u shuld do professional help is best cuz u dunno if it turns out 2 be serious =( hopefully not! =D
If your preschool is anything like mine, they prefer you keep your child at home and be checked by a doctor. Preschools are the breeding grounds for many germs, and if she is ill and goes to school, she may pick up something else or pass on what she already has to others.

Protect your child and other children by taking precaution and getting her to the doctor for meds. It is better safe than sorry.

Good luck.
These questions should be considered, Does she have allergies?- Is she running a fever-101^F? What time of the day is she coughing the most/the worst? I think she needs to be evaluated by a physician to see why she is coughing every 2 minutes. If she continues to cough like this and is sent to preschool, they might send her home. Every preschool is different. I'm a preschool teacher and would/have sent a child home that continues to cough that much.
If the coughing has been going on for more than a day, and has not been helped by an over the counter cough syrup, call the doctor, make an appointment. And DONT bring the child to school. She can pass this cough around the school easily.

A 1st grade teacher
keep her at home
If you are a working mom, I can understand your question, but if I were you I'd try to control that cough before taking her to the pre-school, because chances are they'd call you to pick her up anyway, not only because she could pass it on to her friends but because they probably would think she should stay home to take care of it and rest...

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