Starting an In-Home Preschool in the Bay Area (Antioch to be exact) California...?

Question:Does anyone know how I can find out more information about doing this? I have a Masters in Special Education from the University of Oregon and many units in Early Childhood Education, and now that I have a toddler of my own, I would like to know more about starting a preschool in my home.

What do I need in order to get LICENSED?

I am already First Aid and CPR certified, and have tons of teaching experiences from internships and previous jobs. I already have everything I will need from toys to crafts to a structured curriculum.

Anything information helps, and a website would be great. Thanks in advance!

you need to attend a orientation class for starting a day care center you will need so many hour of health, nutrition,safety
and a few more classes ,your home will need inspection, fire dept need to come out ,and you need to write up an emergency escape plan ,in case of a fire ,a map of your home showing all exit's, you will need a first aide kits ,make a daily plan, finger print and background check on everyone in your home 18 and over.When you attend orientation you will be given forms to get a physical as well as finger printing forms any paid worker will need to go to this orientation ,you are about to step into a wonderful world of learning, make sure you have Lot's of patience, love and understanding,and hugs.Good Luck
You need to contact the California Dept. of Social Services. They regulate child care in your state. Every state has different requirements. You will probably have to undergo some kind of criminal records check and child abuse clearance and there are inspection and training requirements.
Go to .
In many areas all you need to start a home preschool is a business license. Contact your city office to see what the exact regulations are in your city. As with any home business, it is very smart to have a separate insurance policy that will cover any accidents that happen to the children in your care.

You can find information on marketing your preschool here -

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