What is a good saying for a bulletin board with labels?

Question:I will be teaching pre-k and I once saw this bulletin board where students brought in words from things the knew: food, stores, boxes, anything. Mostly environmental print. But I can't remember what the saying was on the board. Any ideas?

How about Words in our World, or Reading Around Us, or Look What I Can Read!
How about 'Labeling What We Know'?
How about starting a Word Wall rather than using it as a bulletin board? Just title it "Word Wall". Choose a place in your classroom where you can put up cards with the words in ABC order. Dd's teacher had one wall where all the A words were in a column, B words in a column, etc. She also put the children's names up there. You could add words all year 'round!

Of course, adapt the idea so it's appropriate for your classroom. http://www.teachnet.com/lesson/langarts/...

If you still prefer the bulletin board idea, how about "The Words Around Us"? (sort of a play on the world around us)
How about "words we know" or "words we can read"? I did this last year, and the kids really liked going up to the board and reading the words they knew.
Happy knowledge Collage

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