I need an activity for toddlers to teach different races?

Question:The kids are aged 2-5 and they are learning colors. For black and white day, I thought about teaching them the different races and how we are all the same even though we can look different. I thought of making black and white copies of people to color and put on popsicle sticks or something... any other ideas are appreciated even if they are unrelated to races but ARE related to the black and white theme. Thanks!

If the kids notice this on the own terrific but DO NOT INITIATE IT
and certainly not in a study of colors.
Now if want to do as study of people and make a huge collage of faces of all types and discuss same and different
fine but NEVER EVER in a color discussion
This is a very bad idea. Dont indoctrinate kids into seeing colors instead of people. Kids only see color after adults push it on them. Don't do it.
you can get a box of crayons called people colors and they have different shades of peoples skin tones.
they like visuals so you can just point out how every child is different, and involve the kids. say "thomas has red hair and james has black hair, but they are both great kids, right? it doesnt matter how we look, we are all the same inside!" do that stuff
I would give them multicultural puzzles, have those plastic multicultural people in housekeeping and in the block area. Have different books related to different cultures and just don't give them black and white paper, offer them white paper and give them multicultural crayons, markers, allow them to express them self through the crayons give them collage colors that represent their culture and other cultures. Read to them about other cultures and traditions that they have. Have them try foods from different cultures. They will understand when they realize that we have allot in common with other cultures. Ex-Tacos, quesadilla is from Hispanic culture, Spaghetti from the Italian, etc.
Have a Multicultural day.
it's not a bad idea at all. kids should realize they aren't alone in the world, and that no one is better than any other.

give each kid a doll of a different race than they are, and ask them to dress them from their native country and give a small report

this is like a half-day activity, they can look at picture books or something
your kids ages 2-5 should already be able to identify the colors black and white, and your 4s and 5s particularly should be able to speak subjectively about where these colors are found in the world around them, in animals, etc. if you're looking for an activity that gives children an opportunity to draw meaningful connections to these colors i wouldn't reccomend relating it to race. not only do you assign stereotypes and promote misnomers (none of us is actually either black or white), but you neglect other peoples, like asians, native americans, and hispanics. promoting an awareness of differences is both necessary and difficult, but i wouldn't go that route. maybe put out photos of animals that are black and white (zebras, cows, white tigers), along with stencils and have the kids make two versions- one in black and white and one in any crazy color they choose. have them talk about what they've done, why it's silly, and take dictation. put out black paint and white paint along with different tools (brushes, sponges, items that scrape, items that roll), and let them experiment with creating art and discovering what happens when these colors are combined. use a digital camera to take black and white photos of the kids, print them, and post them at their level. use white chalk on black paper. find items that are distinctly black and white, like dice, and create a counting game that asks them to work together, do a scavenger hunt of black and white items aroundd the room, bake black and white cookies or chocolate/vanila cupcakes, do a taste test of white chocolate to dark chocolate, put uncooked rice in black tinted water and have them predict, observe, and record what they think and does happen. there are A MILLION things that you could do, but don't go with the race thing.
please! don't point out skin color! kids should see people as a color, but as people. 1st of all, I have yet to meet a black person. I have met brown people, but not black people. So, what is the point of the kids coloring a person black? Now sometimes this can really cause a huge discussion! And for white, the kids in my class say I am tan, but I am called a white person. I only discuss skin tones as the kids bring them up. we compare our colors, and appreciate our skin tones as that makes us who we are. For a black/white theme, you may want to have the kids make a picture book for babies since babies see best in black/white. Even a class book in these two contrasting colors would be pretty neat for the kids to look at.
I've done a circle time activity using Crayola Multicultural Crayons/Markers. The kids find the one comes the closest to matching their own skin tone. I then talk about how everyone is a different shade. They then will start referring to skin tone as peach, ebony, tan, etc instead of black and white. I always try to work a book into my circle time relating to the subject too. A great one is called The Colors of Us by Karen Katz.
Read We Are All Alike, We Are All Different. It was written and illustrated by a group of kindergarten children. Then have the children use skin tone crayons or markers to make a self portrait to make a class book. If you laminate and put the book together with rings, they can keep it in the classroom library. Have each child write their name on their picture, too, so they have their own handwriting samples in the room.

I disagree with those who say children aren't aware of these differences. Many are not aware of them, but many come from homes where these differences are pointed out in very negative ways. Might as well try to counteract that negative input.
okay but think about doing that with fat people they are the same as skinny people!...would that work? bad idea? instead of different races call it different shapes..just set out the paper to make their own dolls....make them use their own imagination!

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