Need a cute name for my daycare, any suggestions??

Question:My friend and I are starting our own childcare business but cannot decide on a cute name. PLEASE HELP ;)


When I was in college for my Early Childhood Education degree, I took a class for building your own center basically. We had to make up our own imaginary school. I called mine "Building Blocks Early Learning Center." U can have it, Im done with that idea! 8 years of teachign sucked it right outta me! LOL!
tiny tots for children
Doodle Day Care
Dont choose a name like

"mommy's day care"
"toys and candy"

Those names sound ridiculous and I would never put any of my future children in daycares with funny. cute or weird names. Just put a simple and clean name. .
Bringem Young
Childcare, is da place...idk!lol
The Rainbow Connection- and paint murals of rainbows with Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.
kidz korner!!
Something with learning in the name, parents like to know their kids are learning.
mini friends in mini playhouses daycare
please don't use any spellings like Kidz or alternate spellings. You want to seem classy and seem like you are teaching children good grammar.

There is a well known daycare in my area called La Petite Academy. It sounds like a great name... as long as there is none in your state or area.

How about (your last name)Academy?
The Little Tykes Daycare
Those Little Tykes Daycare
Those Little Angels Daycare

Definate Daycare
Destiny's Daycare
Daisy Daycare
Dandelion Daycare
Dandy Daycare
Discovery Daycare
Dreamy Daycare or Daycare of Dreams

Daycare Delight
Daycare Dessert

Destination: Daycare

Daycare on the Double

Double Bubble Daycare

"Care Day" Daycare (Where every day is Care Day!)

Happy Times Daycare
Abundant Blessings Childcare (ABC)

Buttons & Bows Childcare

Little Fingers Learning Center

Precious Beginnings Day Care
what do you have so far &what is ur friendsand youname
I use "Play Care" Preschool for my in home preschool. Drop the Preschool part and you're good! It' just sounds right!
this name just popped up in my head "Teddy's daycare" weird but if you want to use it its ok.
Da Daycaya o de blac folk fom da modaland
or if ur deshi

Tomar Pichchis, amar bashae
(Your Little Ones, my house)
Here is some totaly cute names!
1. Kids 'R' Kids
2. Just like Home
3. Angel Academy
4. Caterpillar Clubhouse
5. Bambi Land
6. BumbleBee Child Care
Happy Chappies or Mummy's little daycare!
Little Learners
Mini Minds
Active Tots
Tiny Tots
Happy Snappy Nursery
Rainbow Kids
Although we're flattered that you care about the community's opinion, this should be something between you and your friend. This name will be sentimental to both of you.

I would, however, offer some insight on how to name it.

Try a strong family member's name and name it that with Academy or Day Care.

John's Academy
John's Day Center
John's Nursery.

Also, cute names would include something like:
Tiny tots
Little People
Small Hands

Or if there is a character you plan to associate a character with your facility, like a kid, or baby, or cartoon type character(like a cartoon of a cute kid) and give the kid a name. You know, like:
Little Johnnie's Place

Hope this helps. Good luck to you and friend.
tiny tots' daycare
a daycare for d little angels
The Secret Garden Daycare
The Sunshine Playhouse
Kaleidescope Kids
Cradle to Crayons
All these are with a "daycare"behind,you can choose not to add the "daycare" or substitute "daycare"for other names like "academy"
Precious Tots
Little Steps
Rainbow Tots
Fun Steps
Precious Beginnings
Fun Beginnings
Happy Beginnings
Happy Steps
Happy Tots
Rainbow Tots
Little Tots
These are just some examples,you can change some parts if you like,like adding a space,joining it,substituting it,mixing and matching etc.Good Luck.

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