What do you put your preschooler in for his first day of preschool?

Question:What kind of clothes I need some ideas?


But he won't know or care, nor will his classmates. So as long as he's not naked he'll be fine
Some bright coloured clothes ofcourse.
The ones in which he/she is comfortable. I mean avoid those twinky ones or d ones with fancy accesories which the baby cant manage individually.
any thing that dosent look ridiculus
Even though your want your preschooler to look really cute for his/her first day...make sure your little one is comfortable and dressed accordingly to the weather..their first day is stressful enough for you and for your preschooler. Ask your child what he feels like wearing..maybe a favorite shirt , dress,or pair of sneakers...it can serve as a sort of "security blanket". Good old play clothes that are durable and washable.because they are going to get dirty.and have fun!
As your child enters Preschool for the first time. We as parents always want our children to look nice. However, you will learn that nice looking play clothes are best. In a preschool setting, kids are learning how to play with other kids their age with a wide variety of hands on learning. They may get wet, dirty or full of paint. Best of all they will have fun. My advice to you is always pack a change of clothes.
Make sure he is comfortable. Put one of his (your;p) favorite outfits on that he can move around in at preschool. They do that alot, but you know that;p! I taught preschool and I always laughed at the kids that went home that started in the designer duds at the end of the day. White polo shirts turned blue because of Blueberry Gogurt gone crazy. Kids tend to love to squeeze things too hard and showering everyone around them. They get sooo dirty. I would be covered in God only knows what:tears, boogers, paint, etc.. You get the point! Send him in a comfortable pair of shoes. And make sure to pack an additional change of clothes, diapers, wipes, and a plastic bag for accidents. There never seems to be enough of those about when you need them. And any medications that he needs. Pack emergency numbers, contacts of multiple to call during emergencies, insurance card info, and pediatrician. If it's a good preschool that stuff should be already covered during the interview or enrollment, and some states don't require that, I think. I always thought it was helpful to have an index card somewhere with all the numbers on it, in case of emergency.
Please know there might be kids with food allergies within the preschool, so pay attention to the others at the facility, because just small amounts of peanut, or other types of allergens can be fatal to little ones. It will help you pack kid friendly snacks, too. Also pay attention to portion sizes of snacks, those little tiny snack bags are all the little ones need. So much food was wasted, because alot of people don't realize they don't need a snack that is for an adult. Their nutritional needs are very different. Request that the daycare provide information to you regarding to the activities they plan. And this helps you look for keys into their emotional, physical, and social development. Do not, I repeat do not, feel bad when you leave little precious. You both will have to get used to this routine. Call and ask about your child, as you drive away if you have to, they will keep you informed. Feel free to call, it's ok and they understand.
Cheerio....good luck!
Anything with elastic around the waist. The teachers don't have time to button and zip all the kids clothes after potty break and definitely NO OVERALLS...kids can't handle those. Don't dress them too nice..play clothes are great cause they WILL end up with paint and dirt on their clothes.
let him choose his own clothes. it'll be something that's a favorite and familiar (which can be a comfort- think of how you feel when you take off the clothes you have to wear to work and have a chance to put on your favorite sweatshirt), and probably something that other kids will relate to, which can be a real pathway towards initiating social interactions with others. aside from that, it's important to realize that he's going to get messy and doesn't really care what he looks like. he's not trying to make a first impression... you are. and being in preschool is about developing self help skills and learning how to make choices. let this be the first one!
comfy clothes that your child can put on himself/herself. I mean can they put their own coat on, take care of their pants during potty time (belts, button a problem, then try sweat pants till he learns). Clothes that your child needs help with getting on means less time the teacher spends w/ the class. think about that, multiplied by the number of cuties. Yep, I have sent kids home w/ fasteners undone. Time escaped me, the bus was ready now, other kids needed attention too. and don't forget, preschool is play, usually messy play. so, better not fret about the mess on the clothes. If it is a problem for you, then send our child to school in play clothes. and please help a teacher, send in a pair of pants and undies for your child. You never believe it, yep your child does not need them and their may be the day, surprise! wet pants, and I may out of spare clothes at that time.
Make sure he is wearing something comfortable, and that he can easily remove clothing for toileting. Also send an extra change of clothes in case of spills or accidents, and weather-appropriate outdoor clothing such as a sweatshirt or jacket if it's chilly.
Something that is appropriate for the weather and comfortable. They spend a lot of time on the floor.
a shirt and a pair of jeans
Let your child pick out his special clothing, that way, he will have something to be proud of for that special day, take pictures. I take pictures every first day of school of my boys!
As a preschool teacher I recommend something that you aren't going to mind if it gets dirty. Something washable and comfortable. Preferably not white and not their best clothes!! Kids get covered in paint, they spill things, they have accidents...etc...

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