Pre-school teachers and headstart.?

Question:Do you know about how much the starting rate of pay is for them with a A.S. degree? I live in Tennessee.

I work for the head start in Tennessee and as you know we have a low pay rate compared to other states. You didn't say what part of the state you are in...I would say in Eastern Tn the rate would be about $9 and towards Nashville and Memphis probably a few more dollars. They pay more over there.
We are looking for teachers at our center!
Not a lot, especially only with an associates degree. I would guess around $9-$12 an hour.
It varies between programs and between states. I'm guessing the maximum would be around $12.00 an hour, but it's probably less than that most places. Call a few programs, including Head Start, in your area and ask. I'm sure they'll be happy to tell you. They'll probably want you to get on their sub list to begin with unless they are advertising and have an immediate opening.
Midwest states~~

It usually runs between $9-$15 an hour. Mostly depends on experience and job title. I do know that head-start pays a lot better than private and usually has better benefits. I also heard that head-start is slowly going to start requiring a bachelors degree!

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