Pre school and speech evaluation for my 4yo in middleboro massachusetts.?

Question:My husband and I went to a meeting for a speech evaluation for our 4 year old. Besides that he needs it (I WAS TOLD) it was for him to go to school. I have never before had to start anyone into school so I thought that was it and once he was evaluated he would be able to start school.
But today the lady told us that it was a total separate class and That he needs the classes and they he could still go to school next month.
But we had no clue. Was I supposed to do a different kind of enrollment because My mother told me that she asked the school what I had to do and they told her that he would need to get a speech evaluation to get into school and then he would start his classes. (thinking school classes we didnt do anything else.)
The questions are-
Is it too late to try to enroll him now?
How do I get him started into school now that hes been evaluated?
(I have no idea how to even get started with this)
Do you have any suggestions?
I will call the school to ask also, thanx

I'm not quite clear. Was the meeting to DO the speech evaluation? If so, that's step 1 completed.

I'm guessing that he is starting school in a regular class. He needed the speech evaluation before school started. During school, he will be pulled out for speech therapy in a separate class. That's a typical scenario.

Calling the school is your best answer. Be polite, but insistent. When you ask questions, do not hang up or stop talking to the person until you are completely clear about what is happening and what you should do. Keep a notebook where you can write down your questions, who you've talked to, and their answers.
Is it with the public school system? Here in Missouri, we try to screen every child when they enroll in preschool in the spring prior to the new school year however, if they enroll late they start school like everyone else and we screen them when we can. If your child needs speech (so did my son) they should pull him out of the preschool if possible to do the therapy and then take him back to class. Some prek's are part time and you may need to take him to therapy on different days/times. If they have done the eval. then you should just check into the school schedule and ask about the stuff I mentioned. If he is going to be on an IEP (individual educational plan) it is federal law that children placed on an IEP have a meeting which includes the parents and the school personnel that will be working with the child.

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