I am looking for schools around 78245 but these schools have pre k 3 a new program by the government?

Question:it is a special program for 3 years to start to attend school early and this program is funded by the government.and i live in herritage area of san antonio tx

Call the schools in your area. Most schools in San Antonio offer pre-kindergarten for 3 and 4 yr olds. More info here: http://lms.saisd.net/dept/ece/index.php...

If they can't help, try contacting this person. She (I assume it's a she) should have the information you need.

Cami Jones
Director of Early Childhood Education
Yes, this is going to be a special program that the school receives funding for. It will not be available to any 3 year old that lives in the district; it will likely be for 3 year olds whose families meet certain criteria - such as low income or a language other than English being spoken in the home.

You did not say how old your child is, so I assume that your child is 3. Simply call the district administration office to find out if you and your family would qualify for this program. If not, start looking at Head Starts and childcare facilities.

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