My daughter is coughing is she ok to go to preschool tomorrow she stayed home today?

It depends on the type of cough. Is it liquidy? Is she coughing up mucus? If so, then she does need to stay home. Also, if there are any other kinds of symptoms, such as a fever, or if she is not feeling well, you need to keep her home.

If she has a dry cough, doesn't have a fever or runny nose, and is otherwise feeling fine, she is probably okay to take to school. A cough can last for a couple of weeks after the child is otherwise feeling better, and you don't need to keep her home that long.

Keep her home. If you send her she is just going to infect a bunch of other kids causing them to miss school also.
Was she just home with the cough? Or was there another problem that caused the coughing?

Is it a major cough? Is it something you think should be checked out by a doctor?

I won't ever tell a parent they should send their child. I'll just let them know when they should not. If you're unsure, check with your doctor first.

Coughs can linger long after a child has recovered from an illness. If she is coughing frequently or coughing anything up I would keep her home because she is still likely to infect other children. Illness spreads quickly in a preschool setting. You want to be fair to the other families in the program and try your best not to expose them to anything contagious.
Our rule is 24 hours without a fever or without vomiting.
This is really important because it means they are not contagious.
Check with your doctor.if your child naps send a pillow to help them breathe better during nap and not cough as much!
Also, call your child's preschool and see what their rules are about sickness and returning to school.
just keep her home the rest of the week until she's better
you usually should wait 24 hours after all symptoms have gone away to send her to preschool so she isn't contagious
Not if she is coughing...give it another day to be on the safe side:-)
Your should ask her if she feels alright or if she feels sick. If she says that she feels sick than don't let her go to school. If she says she's ok than let her go but tell her to go to the clinic once she starts feeling sick. Or go tell the teacher how she feels.

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