Is Kumon Worth for Pre-k?

Question:My son is 3 years 5 months, he can identify (Lower & Upper case), read & type in my PC (MS-Word a - z in order ) alphabet. We are thinking of sending him to KUMON for improving reading skils. He also can spell his name, my name and his mom name. He can tell home phone, my cell numbers also. he also can tell 1 - 90 (approx) numbers. Is it worh sending him now. Please advise me.


If the money isn't a problem for you, it may be worth it in order to keep him challenged. When my son was that age, he was similar in ability, and we sent him to an accelerated private school (the entire school was a gifted/talented program) and it was a wonderful experience for him. Would that we could have brought that school with him when we moved!

The school we sent him to was about equal to a mortgage payment each month, but at the time, we had the money and it was well worth it.

Before sending him, I would suggest meeting with the director and a tutor or two, to see what they suggest and to make sure that they'll be compatible with your son. Kumon is a great program, but that doesn't mean that every person there is the one that should be working with your child. See what they have to offer, bring your child in to poke around and see what his reactions are, and then talk it over and decide if this is what's best for him.

If it is, I say go for it! If not, there are several great resources for working with kids this age; you can find a lot of them in homeschooling catalogs like the free ones from:

Good luck!
Kumon is pretty much practice. It requires a lot of self study time with a bit of reinforcement from a staff member. I am not sure but 3 yrs may be too young. My daughter was 6 when she attended. It was helpful but I could have bought books at a teachers store for her to practice and saved my self the cash!
I don't think 3 years is old enough for Kumon for the sole reason that doing the packets they give out requires a tremendous amount of patience. Even when I was 10, I used to have to sit for more than two hours doing four pages of fractions because I hated doing them everyday. However, if your son is good with patience, I recommend it. For his reading, I also recommend Spidersmart when he enters kindergarten. They give you a book every week to read, and have you do vocab and 1 or 2 questions. Then the child goes in after a week, to one of their centers and has a 1 on 1 talk with a tutor there. It's very personalized, so your son will get individual attention.
No, I do not think this is a good choice for a preschool aged child. It is based on repetitive practice for children who need to catch up. Your child sounds like he is well above average and learns easily. To keep your child on top I would search out an academic preschool environment that teaches academics through play and activity based instruction. Socialization, language and peer interaction is as important as academic skills and your child is already ahead of the game. I would look into a private preschool setting that has a good curriculum but also a nice classroom structure with other kids his age.

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