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Question:my husband has applied to numerous jobs that have denied him the position because they are not willing to wait for me to find a daycare center for our 3 year old daughter. every time I search online, i am unable to find a good link for daycare centers in my area. does anyone know a good daycare center that is inexpensive to join in macomb county so that my husband may get a job?

the very best thing to do is to visit a center in your area or when you are lookin ,do it while they are in sesson. see for your self
call your local or state child commission. They usually have a hotline that recommends approved day care centers. First and foremost, PLEASE don't chose one based on they're the least expensive. You get what you pay for!
Go to the child protective agency and ask for referances Go check them out in person.
Macomb County, what state? You should contact your Local Resource and Referral Agency. Also you should choose a child care (a home, center, or ministry) that has good references, a philosophy that is congruent with your ideals, and preferably one that is Nationally Accredited.

Macomb County 4C
Details | Average Rates
21885 Dunham Rd, Ste 12
Clinton Township, MI 48036

Phone: (586) 469-6993
Toll Free: (800) 621-8661 (For In-State Use Only)
Fax: (586) 469-6948
Email: 4cr&r@macombcountymi/gov

If it is in Macomb county Michigan there is a site to refer to.
You want child care that is 1. licensed 2. has a pre-k curriculum 3. is clean, 4. is physically and emotionally safe.

You can also go to your website and find childcare centers and homes that are licensed.

But when you call the CCR&R (Childcare resource and referal) be sure you ask if there are any NAFCC Accredited Homes or NAFCC Accredited Centers or Ministries. Accreditation is BEST... they are supposed to adhere to higher quality standards than licensing. Also, you should ask for providers that attend trainings and if they have a CDA or a degree.

What is their philosophy? Do they watch tv *never choose a child care that watches tv*

Ok...well let me get off my horse now.

Good luck

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