What can you say about a principal that is two yrs. in teaching experience as compaired to her teachers?

Question:his exact major is psychology but he teach in the pre-schoolers,he talks only about her experiences for two years asking us to have a teaching demo in front of her. compaired to us, as early childhood major only that i am a fresh graduate.

I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you saying that the principal at your school has a major in psychology and two years experience teaching pre-schoolers? Do you mean that you are a new teacher and the principal wants to observe your teaching?

What I would say is that the principal must be qualified to serve as one or he (she? your pronouns are confused) wouldn't have been hired for the position. I'd say you should respect the principal's knowledge and position even if you feel he/she doesn't have enough teaching experience. It's part of the principal's job to observe and evaluate the teaching of staff members, so do your best. Be open to any suggestions, compliments, or criticisms while offering your own ideas as well.
I'd say she has friends in high places and you had better be pretty careful!
the principalship position depends if your school is a public or a private one. if that is a private one, no sweat definitely because even you can be a principal but different idea lies in public school where you must undergo lots of ERF before becoming a principal. It is just a normal procedure to undergo demo teaching if your are applying and once you are on the field you must always expect to be observed by you superiors. Its a common tradition in all schools. Just be prepared always.
The secret to being a good teacher is learning from everyone you come across and teaching others from your experience. Take the opportunity to learn something new from him and show something new to him.

He'll be impressed with people that can do both.


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