How do i present myself as a kindergarten teacher when employer ask.?

Question:I mean if i attend an interview (as a fresher to the proffession),the employer may come up with these kind of questions.

Before I go to interviews, I always try to read up more on the position I am interviewing for.

For example, you could look up state and national standards for Kindergarten and put them to memory.
Also learn the "professional" terms and lingo for things so you know what they are asking/talking about, and you can look smarter when you respond to the questions they may ask.
^But u havent mentioned the kind of questions u might be asked !!!~~~~
You might want to include your teaching degree in your package. The employer can look at your documents in the interview and can ask any questions at that time.
hope u have done the Montessori Course, then u need only to have a disarming smile, showing u r affable, patient n endearing.

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