What is your opinion on the pledge of alligance in our childrens schools ?

Question:do you feel if a parent does not want his or her child saying it that they have that right ?..


should a child have to stand at the beginning of class and say it with the rest of the class ?

I fully support that ALL children should know the pledge of allegiance i think that it is the most ridiculous idea to take it out of schools when its been a tradition in our country for hundreds of years!
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I would think that the kid would get teased or picked on. But the parent DOES have the right if do to religion.
There were students in my high school classes who had moral objections to saying the pledge and voiced their opinions. They then weren't required to recite it ...

Its more difficult with younger kids though because they don't really know enough to have that kind of opinion. If the parents aren't comfortable with that though, their believes should be respected.
I think that the child should stand with the rest of class. They don't have to say the pledge but they just have to give the other students, who want to say it, respect.
If you are living in America, then you agree to live by the rules. The pledge of allegiance basically says that you are 'loyal' to your country. It doesn't necessarily mean that you love all politicians or all the laws, it just means that you understand that you're a person in this country under these laws. So I have never had a problem with children being made to say it with their class, because the above is my interpretation.

The "under God" part is of course, controversial. However, MOST children are too young to know whether they believe in God or not. Telling children NOT to say it because of "under God" is probably just as bad as children being forced to say "under God." If this is the part that causes a problem for people, then they should do a better job of teaching their children how to be open-minded and decide on the existence of God for themselves. Parents can also tell their children not to say "under God." There are so many solutions to this.

The main point of the Pledge is the idea of loyalty and patriotism towards one's country (not one's politicians or one's government). I don't think these are bad or offensive values to learn.

Although personally, I think teachers should be required to teach children what the Pledge of Allegiance means, so that they will be more able to decide for themselves. ;)
It was ALWAYS said in school WAY before I was born. Up until recent times, it has been said in schools for probably over 100 YEARS in one form or another.No one was ever stricken by lightning, or stoned or hurt in any way for saying it. then suddenly a HANDFUL of people who decided THEY shouldn't HAVE to say it or their children shouldn't because the word "GOD" is in it...and there is all this debate about it that looks like it's going to continue for YEARS. It should not be made a CRIME not to say it and it should not be made a CRIME TO say it!! This same handful of people want to take money that has been printed ALMOST exactly the same for over 100 years to change too because our money says "in God we trust"... Personally, I don't care who wins this battle---I think the battle itself is RIDICULOUS... there are bigger fish in the kettle then the use of the word "god"... I think people should pay more attention to their OWN CHILDREN then what is printed on a pledge or on our money. you are more up in arms about the word GOD then you are willing to take care of your own KIDS. I am not long for this world and in MANY ways I am grateful for that...because I really hate to see where this country and this world is headed... I'm glad I won't be here to see it.and I feel sorry for those who WILL.
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In my opinion, my 3 children attended school in this country and it has been like a morning tradition. Nowadays with so many different religions I feel it's beginning to turn into a problem that shouldn't be. I think if you are in the United States and is a custom of the schools here, you should follow their tradition and if you are not happy about it, you can always put your child in a private school. If you think back at America's history, you will be proud that your child is learning the respect that this flag representing the country, deserves.
I think if you don't care enough for this country to state your loyalty to it, then you probably ought to move somewhere else. There are plenty of other places in the world to live, so if someone prefers the style of life there, they should feel free to go. If they plan to stay here and accept a free education, then they owe this country a little loyalty, and respect for the flag and the country it stands for is not too much to ask.
Leslie B - Amen, my sister!

I agree with everything she said. And as for the "under God" part, to me, the "God" word is just an all-encompassing word for all dieties. Allah and Buddah have an extra syllable, and pagans and Hindus, well, we have too many to name.
In my school, it's totally optional. You can stand with your hand over your heart and recite every word, you can just simply stand, you can sit down, you don't even have to face the flag, etc, etc... You basically choose how comfortable you are with it. If you feel that it doesn't represent your beliefs, then you don't have to do it.

To sum it up, basically you can do whatever you want while the pledge is played over the loudspeaker as long as it doesn't bother anyone else.

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