Abc's how you learn?

Question:abc's how you learn

I taught preschool for 25 years. When a child is 3 teach them to sing the alphabet. Then when they are 4 start saying, not singing them.
you should sing them it part by part like
abc (then hav them repeat that)
then say defg (and hav them reapeat that)
then hav them say all of it together like abcdefg
and so on and so on...
when they get older teach them to say it without songing it!
; )
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z!! :)
when i was still a pre-school student my teacher taught me how to recite abc...
Teach them the letters in their name first. These letters have meaning for them! Start with the first letter. Find it everywhere in the environment. Then move on to the other letters, one by one.

Singing the song only teaches the order of the alphabet. It does not teach letter recognition. It's fun, and there's nothing wrong with singing it, but it doesn't really teach the letters.
By repeating them. Just like you learned how to speak. Some people learn better by singing them and some don't. I personally didn't sing them to my daughters to teach them the ABC's. My oldest daughter learned by reading them from my maternity shirt. We did this daily together. Within one week she was saying them with me while we pointed to each letter. By the end of week two she was saying them all by herself and she was 2 years old. She was amazed when she went to kindergarten and found out that there was a song to the ABC's. We then sang them together all the time and I pretended that she had taught me the song which made her smile with great pride.
In addition to the ABC song, I discovered that my kids loved Fridge Phonics, made by LeapFrog. It is a magnet with letters that fit inside of it. The magnet plays the song and, if you put a letter in the magnet- it sings a song for that letter with the letter sound.

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