Abc's how you learn?


Since this is posted in Preschool, I assume you are talking about young children. Children learn the letters that have meaning to them, first, so a good place to start is with their name. Begin with the first letter. Point it out to the child everywhere, on their cereal box, on street signs, on newspapers, books, and magazines. After you have said ":Look, Matthew, I see your M!" for a few days and he seems to be catching on, make it a game, "I see Matthew's M! Can you find it too?" Then move on to the next letter, and so on. Soon he should be able to recognize his name and identify the letters. Move on to other letters that have meaning to him, maybe m-o-m, d-a-d, c-a-r, d-o-g. He will not only be learning to recognize the letters, but he will also be developing a sight word vocabulary as well! You can help him make his letters out of play dough, use his finger to write them in shaving cream on the table to. This will help build fine motor strength and reinforce letter recognition.

Singing the ABC song is fun and will teach him the order of the letters, but it doesn't teach letter recognition.
the song or an abc book

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