What's the earliest age to send kiddo to 'school'?

Question:I have a daughter going on 2 years old in 2 months time. Kinda eager to let her learn something a bit formal, other than the daily lessons of ABC of things and voices animals make etc. Do I hv to wait until she potty train before sending her to any early childhood education?

My nephew started going to daycare (but with school type setting & activities) at just under 2yrs. old. (Also because my sister worked full time at that time) But the activities and the interaction with other children are what really helped him to transition into an actual school. Also because, my niece (4yrs. old now) did not go to any day care at a younger age. Now, she has some difficulties getting along with other children. As for potty training. My nephew was semi-potty trained. Meaning, he was fine during day, but needed diapers during the night. But my sister also stated that it was slightly cheaper if the child was potty trained. (It also depends on the daycare center. Some places will only accept potty trained children and some places will accept children as early as 6mths) But of course, there's the option to have your daughter attend part time. This way you still have time with her and she learns the necessary social skills, as well as being able to adapt to school. As for attending public school, in state of Illinois, a child must be 5yrs. old prior to start of school. Some of the schools offer 3-4 Pre-K (Pre-school for 3 & 4 yr. old). Other than the public schools and daycare centers, our town district offers many different programs for children of all ages, including programs for mom and child. Hope this helps...
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Don't send her to preschool. Just wait till kindergarten. I, myself, did not go to preschool but instead, my mom read to me a lot so that I was actually able to read before I went to kindergarten and it was incredibly beneficial. Besides, do you really want your daughter to be raised in her early years by strangers?
2 years old is really the best age. That is when my son started. It really helped him a lot. Some schools want them to be potty trained and some want them to at least have some training. The first school he went to used to get mad at me when he would have an accident. Needless to say, he wasn't there long. Then I found another school that helped all the kids with their potty training. They made it a more positive experience. He went there until he entered kindergarten.

It is not to be considered a replacement for the things you do at home. A good pre-school will enhance what you already do and my son became much more socialized. He liked being around people his own age. (Not just mom and dad all the time.)
Its not really a two year olds place to be getting any kind of formal education. At her age she is just starting to develop social skills. It is very crucial in the next two or so years that she is let to develop this part of her personality, distracting her with too many other things can lead to later problems with social abilities.
In Michael Moore's documentary, "Sicko", he says the French send their children to a kindergarten of sorts as early as 2 years. of age.

Just ask the local nursery school if they can handle a child who is not yet toilet trained. If there are none that are willing to take her (for whatever reason), you'll just have to teach the kid at home yourself. My mom did a superb job, guided by this book on pre-school learning.
I can only speak to our area:

At 2 many preschools offer a "Parents Time Out" program. Learning is part of playing, but nothing very formalized. Some select (and more elite) preschools do have a 2-3 "class" - but they are hard to find and usually quite pricey.

At 3 is when they start a more formalized routine approach to early childhood education. And I have found that this is much more effectively done in a traditional preschool rather than a day care that says it offers a preschool program.

(If you have a choice, avoid sending her to a daycare center - they are not preschools. Most preschools are staffed entirely by educators with degrees and advanced degrees in ECE.)

Sending her off to "school" at 2 for a 1/2 day or two won't hurt her - it will probably be fun for her and a positive experience - but she is NOT likely to "learn" any more from school than she would from being with you. It will more for social time for her and even moreso, a break for you.
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She has to be 5 years old to go to pre-school. You should teach her the basics like 123 and ABC and let her watch cartoons to learn from them, that way, when she starts her first day at school, she can talk quickly and make new friends. Good luck!
at the age of 2, you should still let your child play and explore. so i suggest that you send your child to school at the age of 4. By this age, she can already balance play and learning.
minimum 5 years old.
Around here a lot of preschools require them to be potty trained. Regular day cares do not.

I think if you are a SAHM you should be able to teach your child what she needs to know before entering kindergarten. I suggest no "formal" schooling until kindergarten. You only get so much time with your child why push them off on somebody else at such a young age?
Most will not take them till they are potty trained. I would be surprised if you find any preschool to take a child not potty trained. I don't feel at 2 it would be HIGHLY beneficial but certainly not harmful, especially if it is just a few hours per day/ a few times per wk.
The 2 year olds do not really sit and learn in a formal setting. It cannot be expected of 2 year olds. They "teach" them by doing puzzles, play, etc. and at 2, ABC's, animal noises, shapes, colors will be what they will be "teaching"
If you are looking for her to be around children her age before you can get her potty trained, you could look into mother morning out. they don't have to be potty trained for that. It's pretty much a play group, but they get to interact with other kids, get used to being away from mom, and gives mom a couple of hours to go shopping or get your hair done! (wouldn't that be nice!)
Preschools are good if only a few hrs/a few days per wk, and are more for social skills, getting used to being away from mom and things like that.
i guess u could but if u see the diaper leak then opp-ccccccs-daisy for u
Some centers ask that they be potty-trained, while others do not. There is really no ideal age to send a child off to "school", its more based on each individual child. If you think your daughter can handle being away from mommy for a while, and doesn't mind interacting with children, then your off to a good start! There are some schools that offer just 2 days a week, which would be the easiest transition for her. I actually know of a place nearby my own home that offers one day a week (ideal for 18 months-3) to ease in. Look around and decide what's best for your daughter and you, and remember you don't HAVE to put her in school if she isn't ready!

I am wondering why you are worrying about formal education for an 18 mo. old baby! Let the kid follow a normal developmental curve rather than entering a contest.
Keep her home, she needs mommy, Mommy, and more mommy. She will gain confidence and security if she can be with you, play with you,get read to, cuddle with you. Ultimately, this will prepare her to be more confident and secure in the world than sending her off to a "higher education" institution. (We all know she will spend more than enough time in various institutions!)
Please, please keep her at home! Let her be a baby- that time will never happen again, and as she grows, you will find the memories invaluable treasures. Don't let strangers take this memories from you.
Oh and by the way, I have read several studies that indicate the things kids learn by rote in their very early years are not retained.
Formal education, ( Junior Kindergarten), in Canada is 3 and a half.. You could send her to a part time pre school, ( every other day)..In Canada we`ve now realized that we have been uneducating our children, children can start reading at 4..I know it`s freaky, but my six year old son reads at a grade 4 level..

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