I wanna know the word purreng or porreng?

These are the two answers that I found that came closest to the spelling of your question. I hope it helps.

Porong is a subdistrict (kecamatan) of Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. It has a population of 63,345 (2005). Located about 14 km south of the regency seat, it borders the Madura Strait to the east.
The subdistrict is divided into 19 villages (kelurahan): Gedang, Jatirejo, Juwetkenongo, Mindi, Porong, Siring, Kedungsolo, Pesawahan, Lajuk, Kebonagung, Pamotan, Kedungboto, Candipari, Kebakalan, Plumbon, Glagaharum, Kesambi, Reno Kenongo, and Wunut.

The Sidoarjo mud flow started in May, 2006

purr (pûr) Pronunciation Key
The soft vibrant sound made by a cat.
A sound similar to that made by a cat: the purr of an engine.

v. purred, purr·ing, purrs

v. intr.
To make or utter a soft vibrant sound: The cat purred. The sewing machine purred.

v. tr.
To express by a soft vibrant sound.
Perhaps you mean "pouring" like in pouring a glass of milk. Or do you want "purring" like the noise a cat makes?
Hey, Kid; how's it going? Straighten me out on this: are we looking for pouring like " pouring water on the floor" or purring like "cats purring" or something I haven't thought of?

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