Nursery nurses...what do you have in your office area?

Question:I'm just trying to give the office area in my nursery a bit of oomph and just wondering if any1 had any fresh ideas of what to put in the office area? I havethe usual things such as, pencils, paper (coloured, diff shapes n sizes) telephone, keyboard, stencils etc. Any new ideas? Thx

How about a collection of word cards or make a book of words that the children might want to use, such as mom, dad, love, dog, cat, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, car, home, school, bus, etc. You might want to have an activity to introduce the kids to the word collection so they will understand how to use them. And you can add to the collection as the children ask for new words.
maybe a book case in the corner with children's books n and how about decorating the office walls with children as story characters etc
letters for the children to copy or some scissors for free cutting stickers for making pictures erasers.
Yes, it much depends on what resources you have. and what age the children are. If they are a bit older ask them what they would like? but if younger you must decide following all safety procedures (but you already know that) But you should definately have a book corner. its a must have ! also put child scissors, ruler, chubby crayons etc.. As I have said it depends on what things you have to hand. Good luck.

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