What is the most common age to start preschool?

Question:My daughter is going to be 3 in october. Would it be to late to start her next year? Then she would be almost 4?? What is the most common age?

4 is a good age. Be patient your daughter will be more mature and therefore more ready to start formal pre kinder. In the meantime, take her on play dates or enroll her in weekend classes, take her to classes at the library. Spend as much time with her as you can. Do lots of fun educational things together. (look online for ideas) Remember you are her first teacher.
I sent my son when he was 4, and sent my daughter when she was 3. She wanted to go because her big brother was in school.
Depends on you and what you want to do. I used to work for the YMCA and they allowed preschooler to come in if they were 2 and potty trained. Kids can start learning as early as you make it important to them. The earlier they start the more likely they are to be ahead when they start kindergarten. Most people wait until 4. Whenever they start going to school will be an adjustment.
4 years is normal but they let you chose if you feel they are or are not ready till 6. Or you could home school.
I'm 16 and work at a preschool. We accept 2 year olds who are almost 3. I think it just depends on the school. Check with a preschool you're interested in.
There is not really a common age. You judge by your child's willingness to learn. I started my daughter at 19 months. She of course was in with other kids her age and they learn things like, colors and animals. even sign language. it helped a lot. when she's expected to learn and do more, she'll be prepared. Every child is different, do what you know is best. Only you know your child.
when i worked in it it was 3 1/2 to 4 parents wanting them to have social interaction
3 or 4 is most common. If she went next year-would that mean she would go for one year before kindergarten? If so, that is perfect. Not too late at all. Hopefully it will be half days and/or 2-3 days per wk. (don't want them to burn out at such a young age) this will be more for social skills, being away from mom and getting used to the formal setting before kindergarten. so much is expected in kindergarten now!

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