What would be consider a healthy snack to go to Kindergarden with for snack time for a child. Thank you?

Question:I know veggies and crackers are okay but what elsa would also be good. Any good ideals ? Thank you

here are some of the favorites of my children.
crackers and cheese or peanutbutter
fruit slices (like apples and cheese)
fruit rollups/fruit snacks(check the labels and choose the ones made with juice like welches)
veggies with yogurt or ranch dip
string/cubes of cheese
gogurt (yogurt in a tube)
pickles and cheese
granola/fruit bars
grapes and apple slices..
Knives and guns and thoose salty peanuts mixed with fruit loops and a 55 magnum.
Pieces of fruit like apple or pear. Minnie juice boxes.
What about some granola bars. I think they're good
granola bars, fruit rollups, cubes or strings of cheese, yogurt cups, applesauce cups, pudding cups, fruit cups, there favorite cereal in a baggie to eat dry
ants on a log:
celery stick with peanut butter dotted with raisons.

peanut butter play dough (edible and yummy):
1 c. peanut butter
1/4 c. honey
1/2 c. powdered milk
Mix together to make a playdough.
Optional: Wheat germ, coconut, decorations: raisins, nuts.

Use as regular playdough, then eat!
Granola bars
Cheese slices/cubes
Veggie sticks
maybe apple dips. ya know with the caramel or peanut butter
and a juice box would be good. or any kind of fruit
or granola bars.

u can go to the store and get fruit packages just for snax
hope this helps
i worked at a preschool and the kids always liked cereal, either dry or with milk. preferably the heatlhy kind of course lol, or at least honey nut cheerios...not lucky charms or any of that sugar junk.
I'd ask before sending juice. Some teachers only allow water to drink in the room. Remember to send any utensils your kid might need to eat with (a spoon or fork.)
The other suggestions are great. The only things I have to add to their lists are: a piece of toast or a biscuit, muffins (be careful to check the label first some muffins are terrible for you, it's the same with granola bars), jell-o cups, dried fruit, and pretzels.
cheese sticks
granola bars
pre-packaged carrot's with ranch or celery sticks & pb
Some favorites I can think of:

Fruit loops
graham crackers w/peanut butter or plain
fruit slices w or w/o dipping sauce
veggie slices
fruit snacks
granola bars
fruit cup
I would send him with a whole pumpkin.
Just give them cookies and milk that's fine
Keep in mind that some children have food allergies (peanut butter, eggs, milk, etc) and teachers/schools may not allow these foods in the classroom.

But you can't go wrong with fruits and vegetables. Anything that needs peeling should be peeled at home. 100% fruit juice is good as well.

Other (simple/no prep/no fridge) items include:
cereal bars
trail mix
graham crackers
animal crackers
gold fish
rice cakes

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