What is nice? ex. sharing, say thanks, etc.?

Question:I'm doing a project with the kids I am nannying and we need help coming up with idea on how to be good or nice. We will be focusing on each one for about a week or two. I came up with sharing, saying thanks, complimenting, making laugh. I need more ideas to keep this project going. Please list some for me. The kid is 3.

How about using table manners, talking in a nice voice, being a good friend, kind to animals, respectful to elders, good to the environment/recycling?
These are some ideas:
1. asking them or you bring old magazines and let them cut pictures showing goodness or being thankful;
2. Look for a book with a story that centers on thankfulness and goodness. If you are a Christian there are many websites that give free lesson plans on this topic;
3.Pick a song that has goodness and thankfulness as its message;
4. role play showing goodness and kindness;
5. bring puppets and create a story that shows goodness and thankfulness.
* Surf the net there are voluminous materials on how to be good or nice.
being kind to nature, teaching them why we put trash in the trash can, being kind to animals, teaching about how to use words when they are happy , and sad etc..
why not include how to talk nicely to other people or classmates, like giving respect, asking nicely, teaching them little stuffs about team work- coloring, painting, creating something.. making nice cards for mommy and daddy (thank you cards) greeting their parents, teachers, siblings,good manners, like saying good morning, right conduct.. the importance of saying please and sorry.. basically teaching them values - you can either read a book to them and try to ask for their opinions about it, or how they feel.. little ways of encouragement, like not crying often when things aren't given to them.. kids at 3 can understand these stuffs already. Adults have a way of undermining them, but actually they are very bright and they understand what we adults mean.. simplify explanations or roll playing with dolls.. use their favorite cartoon characters as a guide for it to more interesting for them when you are explaining or telling stories.
giving gifts, listening to people when they talk to you, saying please, doing things for people/acts of kindness, smiling
How about doing something for the less fortunate, anonymously. Doing good for the sake of doing good is a valuable lesson. They can donate gently used toys and books to a homeless shelter, or put together boxes of school supplies.

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