School / Nursery Closures The Elected Goverment ( SNP ) Have Decided To Cut 22 Schools / Nurseries?

Question:The Elected Goverment (SNP) In Their Infinet Wisdom Have Declared Due To Overspend Of Previous Elected Goverment (Labour) They Are Proposing To Cut 22 schools / nurseries In The Edinburgh (surronding areas ) They Forget They Were Not Elected For This & Is Immoral Being That Schools Are Used For Many Activities Both For Young & Old Alike.

Check this out:
FREE On-line book:
See: Project it
Chapter 1: Education

That describes how to provide affordable child-care, affordable school buildings etc.

You should form a protest group with other parents - and do some serious ACTION involving the media.
The governments always go for the easy targets for their cutting sprees - so make your voices heard.

It's disgusting they want to close nurseries and schools!

I hope you suceed!

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