Pre school? Or stay home?

Question:Our daughter just turned 4 in July and we put her in pre school this started Aug.27th she has never been in day care,the Teacher says she cant get her to listen and she cant get her to.We think maybe she is still to young and we might take her out.Everyday she comes out and says that "well she cant get her to listen she tells her to stop and then she does it again" I dont want her to not like it and right now she loves it.But the teacher is always getting on to her.What would you do?

it is due to her not used to being in that kind of environment. preschool or day care at that age is important
I'd definitely do day care to get her used to being among other children her own (approximate) age, and used to having someone else make the rules and tell her what she needs to do.

I'd do half a day every other day or something, to kind of keep the cost down, then put her in kindergarten next year. She'll probably astound you, then. ;)
pree-school no doubt
preschool it'd be alot better.
I'd take her out for now. Let her have another year to mature a bit; you definitely DON'T want her to have a bad start of the sort that will stay with her for the next 13 years.
In my opinion, preschool is a great way to ease kids into the routine of school. Have you considered trying a different school or switching teachers? It sounds to me like this teacher may not be doing all she can to help your daughter learn the routine. You might consider meeting with the teacher to come up with a behavior plan that can be put in place during the day. With my son, we emphasized the positive things he did in school- he got a reward at home if his name stayed in the "green" zone of the behavior system in place in the classroom. It is probably better for your daughter to learn how things work in a classroom now, than when she gets into kindergarten and there is more pressure to get through mandated curriculum and less time to focus school social skills. Keep in mind it is still early in the school year. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to settle into new routines. Good luck!
I also have a daughter who turned four in July. She started preschool last year after having stayed at home without ever going to daycare. It was rough at first because she did not know what was expected of her and pretty much kept to herself doing her own thing. The teacher said she wasn't cooperating either but that it was normal for a kid that age in a new environment and that it was important not to pressure her too much, since she would eventually follow the other kids. This was wise advice and our girl settled down after a month.

I think you should give it a few more weeks. If the teacher seems to be impatient or hostile to your child, find another preschool where they let the kids adjust at their own pace. It isn't easy for kids to adjust to change, but they can do it if the new environment is consistent, predictable, and giving them enough time and space to discover it on their own. Since your child has never been to daycare, it is a good idea to let her go through the big change of being away from home everyday before she starts the kindergarten rat-race.
Does she do the same when you tell her to stop something? If not then I would have a talk with her and ask her why she does not listen to the teacher. Then explain to her she has to listen and why she has to listen to the teacher. Also tell her if she does not listen she will not be able to go. I would also have a talk with the teacher and ask if this is a constant thing ot if it is only with certain things she does not listen to. It could be she is just not used to a regimented learning system. You could help that by also doing certain things at home that puts her into that situation to help her along and get used to it. Better to nip it in the bud than to end up having that happen in real school. If she is in a full day preschool it may be too long for her. Maybe try her going for just a couple hours a day then work her up to the full hours also.
I would take her home and work on Preschool level learning with her, but then I homeschool all my kids.

If you plan to send her back to Preschool, then you might also work with getting her to sit still for certain amounts of time, and on unthinking obedience, waiting in line, raising her hand, waiting to go the bathroom, etc. (You know all those real important life skills that school teaches kids.)
if i were you, i would let her go one day, and keep her home the next. that way she gets into the routine of school and someone else making the rules. she gets used to it, but you're not pushing her too fast this way.
-good luck, Diana
I'd say make your decision after her being there 2-3 weeks. Since she's younger, it will take a while for her to catch onto what to do/how to act at school. Maybe you could ask the teacher for the class rules and you can talk with her about them at home.
If it is an option to have her go for half-days I'd do that. Just a few hours a week should be sufficient (assuming she doesn't have special needs) to help prepare her for kinder.
Ummm...Preschool teacher can't control a child. WOW! That is sad. Your daughter is in total control. She is smart. Keep her in and ask for the school to change her teacher or class. She is more than old enough to be socialized and in school. In fact it's better that she start that now before grades and behavior are recorded. This is all new to her and it's a process she is going to have to go through. It will be hard at first but she will do it. Make sure she has a steady schedule (by that I mean a regular early bed time, say 8 pm, and eat supper around the same time daily and bath around the same time daily) and it will work out just fine. It really is a wonder what regulating their life can do. Also not letting them quit or get away with poor behavior because you think they are too young. She is more than old enough for many things already. As long as you keep it in check that you are the parents and she is the child it will work. Good luck.
4 is a little young, try putting her in a day care for this year thenwhen shes five return to preschool. also teach your daughter at home to listen to people and some nice behavior & time out when she doesn't listen.
Do both. Send her to preschool part-time and keep her at home a part of the time.
ur daughter needs to be at pre-school for sure she needs to learn the doundries at school vs home life. in my experiance i have 2 children one is 6 and the other is 4 they both have learnt to listen to their teacher but we had to start at home first to teach them to listen. Maybe u should find out why the child isn't listenning to the teacher there is a reason and i am guessing the teacher is not useing the right method as in she is an older woman teaching ur child or younger . some times the older teacher will be better as they have the experiance to get kids to listen the younger the teacher the less experiance. Maybe try a different pre-school but ur daughter needs to stay at pre-school she is of the age where she needs outside stimulation from a school of some sort. Hope this helped u
It's only been a week. My son started preschool two weeks after he turned 3. She will need to get use to having a routine. I think the teacher is expecting to much the child is getting use to a new situation. Talk to your daughter and the teacher. If things are not better soon, talk to the director.

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