Preschool theme ideas for september?

Question:i need help thinking of some cool bulletion board ideas and some actitvites to keep my lil 2 years olds entertained and occupied.have already done the apple theme and bus theme but need some more ideas and im just drawing a blank

fall themes. A board filled with leafs maybe a differnt kind of leaf each day of the week for a week. fruit week the next week apples bananas and so on. this would help them learn colers shapes and even texture differences on things. during fruit week you could make that day the snack theme. banana day you give bananas for snack and so on
Leaves changing colors. Squirrels gathering nuts for the winter.Warm sweaters.
Autumn leaves, bugs, fall harvest, kites, balloons, clouds/weather, things around the house, toys. That's about it for me.
1) beginning of school
2) summer solstice--beginning of fall
3) Labor Day on the 3rd
4) Grandparent's Day on the 9th
5) Patriot's Day on the 11th
6) September is the 9th month, so themes about 9: nonagons, 9 in various languages, making glue-on pictures with 9 items
Since labor day is in September you could do careers or community helpers (policemen, firemen, doctors etc.)
Other little known things about September.
The first week of September is Children Safety week- Safety is a good theme.
It is also national chicken month and Classical music month.
Other good themes might be a farm
or "all about me" it's fun for the kids and family especially for the beginning of the school year.
autumn- leaves, trees, etc. you can have them color a leaf and write their name on it[unless they can't then you] and put it up.
numbers- then do counting activities and stuff.
Harvest theme, Are there any hollidays in September? How nature prepares for the changing seasons, indian summer, etc
For September, I am teaching my son:

Birds - Migratory Birds and such
Maybe have them move 1 bird for each day they are in school for the month or something to help them understand numbers, days in school and migration of birds in the fall.

Farms & Harvest - What foods are ready, animals, etc.
Have them "harvest" play food, talk about where the food in the grocery store comes from. Learn about farm animals (field trip perhaps?)

Fall - The first day is like the 23rd I think
Check out the weather chart and start recording what the weather is doing/changing. Go for a Fall Walk and collect leaves that are falling, if you can, rake leaves and let kids jump in them. Make contact paper mosaics with leaves or leaf rubbings or wreaths. You could also use fall leaves to count just like I said with the birds.

Food & Nutrition - We are doing this because of the Farms & Harvest Unit somewhat ties in.
Healthy food, food groups (good bulletin board visual), exercise, setting the table, etc.

September is: Chicken Month, Honey Month, Piano Month and Fall Hat Month

There is also: Be Late for Something Day, Patriot Day, One Hit Wonder Day, etc.

You can find a full list of all the monthly/daily things by just searching Google or whatever for it. That helped me a lot with finding "filler" activities to do with my son.

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