Preschool teacher??

Question:Does anyone know how long/what degree or certifications I would need in order to become a preschool/kindergarden teacher?

It depends on where you live. Teaching pk, can require less education than kinder. To teach in a public school in most states you must be a certified teacher which takes 4 years and you'll need a bachelor's degree.
each state is different,call your local school board,they can answer this question best.
It depends where you live. Here in Hawaii you need a two year Associates degree in Early Childhood Education. In some state you don't need any education at all. Some schools require a Masters Degree.
It depends on where you live and whether you are interested in public or private school. In general, you need a four year degree and teacher certification to teach in the public schools. Private schools vary widely, and preschools and day cares are even more diverse.
I am working on my bachelor's at this moment. It's taken me 5 years to get through the program. I know in each state it is different though so I would suggest checking. My degree will be in Early childhood education ec-4.

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