What are some fitting activites to train 3-4 year olds social studies.?

What are some good activites to train 3-4 year olds social studies.
please help. its for college

Answers:    You might want to start with things that apply to a three and four and year olds life span. They will understand this better. For instance, you can have a chat about their family, how many relations are in it... brothers or sisters,etc. Then you could speech about what in attendance Mom and Dad do at work, which you might get some funny answers for. I am a preschool lecturer and some children think that their parents play at work! You could address about what sharing is, and why we should do it next to each other. Then, you could ask them nearly what they like, favorite foods, toys, music, etc. Things that apply to the children's lives will support them understand better. I own the children make an adjectives about me poster, and this is a devout way for them to grasp their social surroundings.
At this age focus on your neighborhood. Here are some ideas.

1 Occupations - Look at the different job people do and the clothes they wear. Ask question like Why do bakers wear hat? What does a policeman do?

2. What makes relations different - Find people who are different from your child (older/ different see / gender / religion/ disability?), address to them and discuss how they are different and the same as your child. eg Mrs Brown is mature, but she likes books purely like me.
I am honourable at running, Sarah is good at fine art. We are both oldest children

3. Places I go - Make a document of the places your child goes (ask him) eg Doctor, Jane's house, Grandma's, Library, Park, swimming pool, barber... Discuss what these places are for

4 My extended line - Help your child understand the relationships between society who are important to him. Make a picture wall of cousins, aunties, Grandparents siblings etc

5, My Heritage - prepare your child traditions you grew up with, special foods, events etc. Tell them where on earth their ancestors came from. Keep it simple.

6. Why hold rules - explain the importance of rules for society. Ask them what some rules are. If they receive stuck hint something like traffic lights, stop signs etc. Ask why we need rules (look at some specific ones eg. why should you hang around in line) Ask them almost your house rules. You could even make a chart of these.
eg. Pick up your toys when you own finished playing, Wash your hands up to that time dinner.

I hope this is a good starting point
You could backing them become familiar near the shapes and names of the continents on the planet... especially since geography is such an undertaught subject these days.

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