What's the best long sleeved paint smock for pre-schoolers?

Question:I teach Sunday School. Very often the kids come in their Sunday best. Lately the kids have been asking if they can paint. I'd be happy to donate smocks for them - but they have to cover them really well - sleeves and all. Any suggestions of where I can get reusable (I don't want the disposable kind) paint smocks for a good price?

It's not the same kids every week - at all - so asking the parents to bring them in won't work very well.

Discount School Supply has good ones, but no smock is kid-proof. On painting days I'd suggest more appropriate clothes.
You can also use old shirts with long sleeves.
Go to a salvation army or other thrift store and buy old men adult button down shirts. It will cover their bodies up and they can button and unbutton them. I have used these many times, just roll up the sleves and paint!
try finding old work shirts from the fathers. that way they are big and they will have long sleave. put up a notice somwhere asking for them.
Yard sale...buy a variety of large sleeved shirts, put em on the kids backwards. Works great! So if not a yard sale...Goodwill or the like.
I'd get adult (or big kids') long sleeve shirts from a resale place and have them wear those. Washing would be simple. You'd have to keep in mind a big spill could go right through the fabric. I've also seen art teachers use adult t-shirts in a similar way. You can cut a slit in the back of the neck if it helps you get them on and off the kids.
one thing I have done with my Sunday School class is to ask people to donate used flannel shirts. When the kids put them on backwards and you roll the sleeves up to their wrists they really keep the paint of the clothes.
What about adult t-shirts that fit over the kids cloths and are washable?
Since you are teaching pre-schoolers, find a thrift store or ask for old clothing donations that are sized for children two grades up, as in second or third graders. That size will still be small enough for a childs fit and just large enough to go over the smaller kids clothes.

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