A question about my partners 4 yr.old?

Question:how old is a child supposed to be to start pre-school? and is there a fee for pre-school? and are there only half days or can they go all day?

call your school district
they have to be 3-4, fully potty trained.

yes there is a slight fee like give or take 10-20 bucks a day. (prices will vary though)

and you can choose full day its just more money.
They can go all day and there are fees depending on location.
if your in the uk then the child should be in pre school so that they may start school when they are 5

normally you can get a pre school placement free, depends really what your looking for but you should be given one for free if your on a low income.

they normally only go in half days but some let you keep them in all day it depends on the place really.
3 to 4 yrs, fully potty trained, and it costs us 180$/month (canadian)
full days are not usually offered.
It all depends on your area and whether is it a public or private preschool. I used to work in a public school and the "headstart" program here in NC for example has no fee, it is only half days, and they must be 4 years old. Check your area for whats available to you.
dnt kno where yr from but in england they start pre school the 1st term after their 3rd birthday they get a 2 and a half hour session free but can stay longer at additional costs
Phone your local authority...it varies everywhere.
There's a great place. It's a church in between Avondale and Palmer on Venoy. I know so many people who've gone there including myself and they are just fantastic. My ex's daughter and her whole family went there. Every place is different as far as fees goes. Call around and check. I know for sure they can start as early as three as long as their potty trained.
I started preschool about 2 weeks before i turned 4 so like 3 going to be 4 later during the year. And it mostly depends we're u go if u go to a private school then yeah there will be a fee if you to public school then nothing the only thing you'll have to pay is like snacks and milk so like a dollar a day at the most
All preschools are different. Some start at 2 years old, some at 4. Most offer full day programs for working parents (so its like a day-care). Some have half day programs or 3 days a week programs.

I would recommend a child be in preschool the year before they start kindergarten. Even if its 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, it helps to acclimate them to a school setting.
Most preschools take kids at 3 or 4 but some start sooner. Some are half day, some full. Some are 5 days a week, some 2 or 3.The ones in public school or Head Start are usually free, others charge fees. Those fees vary widely, not for profits are usually less. Co-ops are often the least expensive. Try your public library, the local school district, or a Child care Resource and Referral Agency for more info.
If you are income eligible, Headstart is the best pre-school. Some daycare centers have pre-schools. Early Headstart will accept a child at age 2. Potty training isn't a requirement for daycare but it is recommended. Headstart varies as to all day vs. half day.
It depends on when their birthday is. Mine was 4 end of June and she is supposed to start pre-school in September.
She would get half days only. As far as I know there is no fee involved.

Oh, just read your add-on. Ignore my answer, i'm in the UK.
My son, when we were in MI, had free preschool part of his school district, half days only. We are in IN now, and there are no preschools...just daycares that call themselves preschools, and charge 150 a week or more.
In UK all 3 year olds are given free part time nursery eductation.
This will start at the inclusion term after their 3rd birthday (Jan or Sept).
You will need to register with the nursery for a place, which you can do as soon as the little one is 2.
If you want nursery before 3yrs you must got private and this will need to be paid for by parents.
As for length of daycare, they start at half days and move onto full days - between 9am and 3pm usually.
some nurseries provide breakfast and after nursery cover, which you would need to pay for, but this means you can have care between 8am and 6pm.
There's lots of flexibility - best to ask other parents in your area which nurseries they like and visit them.

At 4 - they will be getting ready for reception at primary school ,so you need to apply for a school place too - asap if you haven't already.
I started at 2 and a half with my twin brother. We went to a Lutheran Pre-school and it was quite expensive couple thousand a month. We went half-day (8-12) until we were 4 and then the last year of preschool we went full day (8-3) to get ready for school.
If you are in the UK registered pre-schools and nursery's are free from the term after the childs third birthday or you can get so many free hours at private nursery which works out at 15 hours a week but only for term time, you would probably have to pay for the school holidays.
If they were 4 before the 1st September they can start school but this can be defered until the term after they are 5, until which time school isn't compulsory.
i think around three, must be potty trained, think there all half days, its really hard for child that little to be away from-home that long, but you may find a church pre school that does full days?usually there is a fee, unless you can get them-into head start, that's a government subsidized pre school program,very hard to find, if there around anymore sorry

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