What theme can be used when talking about children?

Question:Ok, I have this speech for communication class in which I have to introduce another classmate. After getting a little info on my partner I saw that she was really interested with little kids like her major was early childhood education, she worked at a day care, and so on and so forth. For my speech we have to utilize a theme in which we can talk about the person, to make it a little interesting. So basically I wanted to figure out how to talk about her in a way where a theme of children could play in or something on that line. Please Help!! Thanks =]

How about a park or childcare place, that would be where kids are, and that is where she would work, and she likes kids, so I hope that helps (:
kinder than your own parents, swear fealty to her.
Play is very important in the development and growth of children, so maybe you could focus on that. You could start with something like My new friend, Mary, really plays well with others. She understands how to share, and so she has shared a lot of fun and interesting information about herself with me. And so on. Something along those lines.

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