My daughters was excited for her first day of preschool, but her teacher is mean and doesn't want to go back?

Question:After the first day of preschool my daughter was scared to go back! She said the teacher was mean and yelling alot! What can i do to encourage her about going back and how do i deal with the teacher? please help me!

Hi there. I feel sad to hear that. However, it may be the first day jitters for the little girl. Or perhaps it was a stressful first day for school. Trying to consult with the school's director, or consult other parents who have preschoolers in your daughter's classroom to verify the situation. If the case is indeed true, talk to the director about the situation and request to sit in the class (if permitted by the preschool director) and observe the teacher's behavior. Talk to the teacher if needed, so that she is notified of her actions.
You as a parent has rights to speak up for the well being of your child. If yet indeed the problem persist, you may consider switching classrooms for her, or worst case scenario, switch preschools.

For your daughter, sit her down in a calm room and talk gently to her. Tell her that the teacher wanted to be heard and therefore, had to talk louder than usual since it was the first day of school. Do give the teacher a chance though, since it was only 1 day. You can promise her something like her favorite treat or movie after she comes home from school . A perschooler may have perceived the meaning of "mean" too. Ask her to describe the situation (if possible).

Remember, you are the parent. you are in charge of your child's position. So whatever actions you decide to take, be sure to check with your child! Good luck.
Tell the principle how the teacher was! and bring your daughter with you to the priciples office and tell her to explain to the priciple!
you tell her tomorrow is a new day and that she really was mean, plus you go and sit in the class with her for she won't feel frighten, but make sure you talk to the teacher to see whats really up, because he/she may actually be mean and unfit for the job
Address this issue NOW. Don't beat around the bush, get right down to it. If you don't set the boundaries, you are never gonna win. This is a service you are paying for. This person is there to instruct your child. This person is not there to scare the living daylights out of her and set her up for a lifetime of fear and reluctance about school. I say go to the teacher with your daughter in hand and confront her about it and show your daughter that you are willing to stand up for her and the teacher that you are involved enough in your child's life that this will NOT fly.
If that were the whole truth, I would not send my kid back to that preschool.

Have you ever considered staying at home with your daughter instead of having her go to preschool? Children do not need to go to preschool.

My girlfriend teaches 6th grade at a public school here in California, and before that she taught kindergarten. She tells people that are concerned their kids will be "behind" the other kids if they don't attend preschool that all they need to know coming into kindergarten is how to spell their name, how to use scissors, and the alphabet.

What she really needs at the tender age of 4 is her mother's love and that special bonding time that will be gone forever before you know it.

I assume feminists will downvote me for saying what I did. I suppose they mean well, but they aren't concerned with what is best for you and your family.

Most people work their entire life doing a job they don't even like, just to buy things they don't need.

Do the right thing and stay home with your daughter.
Check into it. I teach Sunday School, and sometimes in order to be heard over the sound of children playing, I must talk loudly. Now, I do not yell, and I don't sound angry, but a child once thought I was angry. I have since tried really hard to make my voice extra cheerful if I need to speak loudly. On the other hand there are some mean teachers out there who yell and become angry. So check it out. Go with your daughter and observe. Ask other parents if their children have said similar things, or to avoid a leading type of question just ask, "So how does she/he like preschool so far?" Don't assume that the teacher is doing wrong, but don't assume she or he isn't, find out.
i really don't think the teacher was mean i think your daughter was probably scared like most little kids get when going to preschool for the first time.i know a couple of kids that said stuff like that hoping they wouldn't have to go back.just tell your daughter the teacher has a different sound then mommy.and try to spy on class just in case.
First you should make a small conversation with you daughter, ask her wat did she think of this problem. And so,
i think that you and your daughter should go to school and make a conference with your child's principle. Hope that works, good luck!
Tell your daughter that perhaps the teacher was having a bad day to try and get her to go back, just ask her to give her another chance. However, you should go talk to the principal because yelling for no reason is unnaceptable, the principal will determine what to do. if things dont change, I would keep her at home, becaue im sure you can do 10times better at teaching your child with patience and love than that teacher ever will. And dont worry about her getting "behind" or that she isnt practicing how to socialize. Im ure you can teach her her basics and taking her to the park is a great way to have her practice social behavior. good luck
it was just 2 reason first maybe she was too young and second maybe she was too noisy
You can talk to the teacher, or if not, set an appointment with the prep.coordinator so that she can also, in a way ask the teacher about what happened in the class, and then the three of you can talk. The presence of the coordinator is very important because it will be a big help for both of you, the teacher and the parent.
Go to the administration office and see whats going on, then I'd pull child and put her different one. but check it out first. Might be she is just having separation problems. Or go spend some time in the class, go unannounced so you can see first hand.
set up a meeting with the teacher and then see if you can just sit in the classroom for a day . and see if they will let you just pop in unannounced. if they wont let you do these things and shes not in regular school. i would find another preschool. Where my daughter goes to pre-k they will meet with you and let you pop in the classroom when ever you want or you can go to the office and wacth the classroom on video .
tell your daughter to give her teacher a really nice present and be nice to her teacher

you should deal with the teacher by telling her if want to be mean don't be mean to someone elses kid because mean to you own kid
Pre-school is the age kids start telling stories to get what they want. I do not know if this is what is happening here though. Agree with your DD that you are going to look into it, but she needs to go for a few more days. Explain your job is to keep her safe and you would never put her in danger, her job is to trust you.

Then you look into it. Talk with the teacher, the administration, other parents and drop into the center often to see what is going on. If you agree with your daughter find another place. If your daughter was just telling stories, within those days of your are checking things out, chances are she will have adjusted.

Good luck
Let her talk to the principle and see that things will be ok... it may be that the teacher is just loud or they were yelling due to a game of some sorts. We had the same problem with our youngest and after she talked to the principle they moved her to another classroom and things were fine the rest of the year.
It is imperative that you know that sending your girl to a teacher that is mean can completely mess up her head. You should talk to the principal about it, and if it's possible talk with the teacher. Tell the principal to watch the teacher quietly. Also, is it persists, then the best option would be to put her in another school.
First, find out what she means by "mean". It may be that she was asked to follow rules that she didn't like or didn't get her way, ot it may be that the teacher was mean. Spend some time in the classroom. Tell the school you'd like to observe. If they don't let you, find another school. If the teacher really is mean speak to an administrator but if it is a matter of your child needing o learn to be part of the group then have her stick it out. That is the real purpose of preschool.
Have you thought about home schooling your daughter, its not that hard. All my children were home schooled. 3 are grown & off on their own & the two youngest got a scholarship to go to a school in New Mexico & we now live in Texas. Both girls wanted to go to Military School.
take her somewhere else
why are so many posting BELIEVE THE CHILD FIRST ?? say, (honey, you had a rough day. tomorrow will be better. ) then NOT IN FRONT OF THE CHILD, talk to the teacher. say {your child felt scared, and that the teacher may have scared her since your child is new to school. you are concerned and want to find the best way to help your child be successful in class. you are sure it was nothing that went on in class, but if you could just pop in and visit that may help your child transition better to school.} Now, if you go and the teacher IS mean, talk to the principal and maybe you need to find someplace else. At least you at first are not accusing the teacher of being mean, and your child is not aware that you spoke to the teacher. So many parents believe the child first, and accuse the teacher right in front of the child. then what happens is little jenny keeps coming up with stories about how bad things are at school. and there is nothing wrong. (there are bad apples, though in every school. it takes some skill to find the bad ones. then do what you need to to protect your child)

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