What is a lesson/activity i could do relating to take home believe & pretend?

to little 3-4 yr olds?

Answers:    I think some fun pretend games for toddlers could include pretend cooking( pretend you are making a big feast and then pretend drinking it ), and also letting the little one pretend they are the "mommy/daddy" and giving them a baby to "diaper", "feed", "contribute bath to", things similar to that. Another fun thing is letting them pretend to be a policeman, cowboy, fireman, anything they desire to be. Imagination is the key!!!
Children within this age range love dramatic play areas. Find out what the children are interested contained by and you could set up an office, a grocery store, a zoo, a campground, a doctor's bureau, a post office, or anything else the children are interested surrounded by. Introduce the dramatic play area near a related activity, such as reading an appropriate story and showing the children the materials and how to use them, and how to verbs up when done.

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