Familiar with Kindermusik?

Question:Anyone familiar with Kindermusik? thinking of enrolling my fifteen month old in it.

My daughter loved it last summer at age 2. I thought it was an excellent use of time and money. I could really see all of the kids improve in their "musical talent" by the end of classes. The time in class was fun, engaging, and age-appropriate. Each student went home with materials at the end of each class. They were also all given a rabbit puppet to sing/play along with.
We are enrolling again this fall and she is very excited to be going back. The program is different at different age levels so the material will be new.
Hope your experience is also successfull!
The quality of the program will be variable depending on the area, but the program materials are excellent! My son was in Kindermusik from 5 months old through the end of first grade and it was an excellent introduction to the basics of music.
I have a 3 yro autistic son who loves music. We went to Kindermusik when he was 2 and we both loved it! The fee also included 2 take home CDS with the songs we did in class. He loved hearing them at home and in the car. It is also an excellent place for kids to socialize with other children and parents with other parents. I found it also was excellent for sensory and motor skills. I highly recommend it!

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