My first leap pad or leapster leappad - which would you recommend?

Question:My boys are 4 and 2.

Skip the "my first" and go straight for the regular one. My daughter, now almost 5 got bored with the "my first" version very quickly, and it's very limited in selection, once they master the basics. The regular one, which she got last Christmas is her CONSTANT companion when she's not outside or at school, and she has learned so much from it. She entered Pre-K recently, and her teacher was amazed at some of the things she already knows - much of which she learned from the various leappad games.
I'd just go with the regular leappad. There are books for it for children their age plus it can be used with books all the way up to grade 6 or so.
I would agree-- my girls are now 7 and 5, and I bought the regular leap pad when they were about 4 and 2, and they really liked it. My neice has the baby version, and she quickly grew out of that one. A two year old could quickly learn to manipulate the regular leap pad.
Definitely just the regular LeapPad. We bought my son one when he was 18 months because he already knew all the things that the books for the My First offered. However, he is now 3 and just mastering the art of using the pen, but he has always gotten the concepts (I usually sit with him when we use it).

My daughter is now 5 months and we got her a My First for this coming Christmas - she'll be 9 months.

Based on the fact that your kids probably know some if not all their shapes, letters, etc. basic stuff, I would say that the LeapPad would be the wiser choice. I would rather buy something a little advanced and have to wait for them to be able to use it than to buy something that is far too easy and they are bored with after 5 minutes.

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