Cute, unique, animal craft for pre-schoolers?

Question:I need a craft that can be done by the kids in about 20 minutes. I would prefer something to do with an animal of some sort.

Depending on whether you need to factor in clean-up time as well, you could find some pictures of animals for the kids to colour with paint, or alternatively have them draw their favourite animal, or if they have a pet at home they could draw that.

Alternatively, they could make jellyfish using paper-plates cut in half, with streamers made of tissue/crepe paper- they can paint the plate whatever colours they like and have fun getting sticky. Alternatively, using paper plates again, they could make animal masks (cats could be easy-ish) but that would probably require scissors.

You could cut some doggy-shapes out of cardboard and have the kids decorate them (spots, stripes, collars etc)

or you could have the kids make puppy-puppets using brown lunch bags and sticking on ears, collars etc.

You could cut some orange paper into the shape of a giraffe and the kids could paint them using sponges.

The list goes on- be creative and let us know what you decide to do!
I would make at least 5 or 6 different cardboard cut outs of different animals. Then have them trace their favorite animal on their favorite color of construction paper and then have them decorate by drawing + coloring and decorating with googly eyes, sparkles ect. Hope it helps!
I often use a website called enchanted learning. I think the address is but you can google it.
They have so many great crafts for little ones.
A really fun one that kids love all day long is to make or decorate animal masks that they can wear later in the day. Here are some other websites with animal crafts Check out this websight.. it has great craft ideas. Not just for small kids, but for all ages. I use it all the time.
cut a hole in the middle of a paper plate, just big enough for a the hand or arm to fit through, kids color it gray, make eyes on it and add pre cut ears, they put their arm through the hole and make it an elephant trunk

If you need to serve food, slice a hot dog lengthwise, leaving a solid inch to serve as a head, slice it 4-8 times depending on how well you can cut it. when you boil the hot dog the slices will curl, it will look like an octopus.
Some ideas from my children's librarian days...

- Have cut-outs of tigers and zebras (solid color) and have the children glue on pieces of yarn to make the stripes.

- Make the basic origami dog head. Have some pre-cut tongues and noses for children to paste on and let them draw the eyes and rest of the face. You can make it into a bookmark by gluing on a rectangular strip on the back.
here are some of the favorites from both my own children and those from my own classrooms

Lions made with coffee filters as a head/mane with rectangles for body and legs and bulk yarn for tails..very easy to put together and complete(for the children) on the coffee filters children make/draw the lions face and color his mane.then glue the body and legs together and add the tail and last glue on the head/mane...most times you can even use glue sticks for the project(have all the parts cut from different colors for body and legs--I always tried to use scraps for this part, and same for tails)and have them out on the table so the children can choose their own colors--or just have a few colors--brown, yellow, white, and various colors of the previous ones..

probably 2nd on the list would be any kind of puppets always easy to do...especially using paper bags

3rd masks--using either paper plates or purchased forms for the main part and then add feathers, horns, manes, etc to create the animal of their choice

and another favorite would probably be murals...have the backgrounds colored on to poster paper and have the children draw the animals and then label the animals as what the children say they are and then use the drawing as a entrance feature in the front of your class door or on the door--so all can enjoy.
have the kids choose which animal they would want to be then take a close up picture of each child posing as that animal...get the kids to decorate a small paper plate it the design of that animal an put thier pic in the niece just came home with a paper plate was so00o0o cute...hers was a lion and she decorated the edges of the plate as the mane and the pic in the middle was of her growling like a lion...there is also a popsicle stick attached so that the kids could put them up to thier faces to play with them.
good luck

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