Can you teach children to rhyme?

Question:Can you actually explain to a preschooler what a rhyme is, or is it something they just have to experience through nursrey rhymes and other listening games?

You can explain it, but that would involve using abstract terms and concepts that are likely not familiar to such a young child. You need to provide examples and the kind of experiences you described. After reading a rhyme you can point out and talk about the words that rhyme and try finding other words that rhyme. When a child begins recognizing what rhyme means he may begin to name nonsense words. Such as book, cook, dook, fook, hook, mook, took.. You should accept them if they rhyme. Whether a child will learn to recognize rhyme will also depend on developmental readiness, the ability to hear differences in sound (if he can talk and understand what is said to him, then he can do that), and the ability to identify matching sounds.
i think you can show them pairs of words that rhyme and play a game with them where they pick the words that rhyme. i don't know that you could just explain it to them without an activity that showed an example though.
i think is something they have to experience and make it fun my 2 !/2 year old daughter already knows the words to jack and jill and shoe fly and some parts of other mother goose rhymes i never try to make her learn it i would just read to her and i guess she liked it so she started asking for specifics rhymes over and over and then she learned some but i know she does not know they rhyme there just fun
yes b/c when childrens read with rhyme they feel happinessand when they are happy thn they remember hose rhymes n they will always smile..
My 2.5 and 4 year old rhyme...I think it's due to the "Down by the Bay" song..they love that.

We sing it probably 3x a week...unstructured.

I started singing it and then moved on to "Have you ever seen a boat _____________"

And now my 4yo sings it on his own and makes up all kinds of crazy stuff.
Just make it fun. Play the I rhyme/you rhyme game. Children don't have to understand life to enjoy it. They can learn definitions later.

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