Teachers: what kind of reward/consequence system do you use in your classroom?

Question:I'm starting my fourth year teaching 1st graders, and I'd like to try some NEW and UNIQUE things...not the "same ol'", so please, spare me the things I already know!

I'm working with younger children right now, but in the past I have worked with children up to age 12 in the classroom, and I have always found it highly effective to "catch the children being good." I make sure to praise positive efforts and have found that other children make the maximum effort to earn the same praise. If I say, "I just have to thank Johnny and Mary for being such good listeners. They did a great job of listening to the directions and they are following the directions so carefully," then suddenly everyone else is taking it very seriously hoping to earn that praise. Sometimes I do a chart. Mine is usually a Happy Grams chart. I send a letter home to the parents first so they'll understand what we're doing, then I post a big smiley face. About once every two weeks, I make sure I have written two positive notes about something a child has done on colorful or cute shaped post-it notes. (I keep a check chart so I can check off when I add one for a child). Whenever I catch someone doing something noteworthy (such as Daniel helped Joey tie his shoes today. What a good friend! or Susan was a great listener during our story today. Thank you so much, Susan!) I praise the child and ask him if he wants to put his Happy Gram on the poster. Then I have a little half slip of paper that says Happy Gram News! Read below to see what your wonderful child has been doing! and I attach that child's notes to it to send home. Usually I read the notes aloud as I hand them out, and the children are usually so very proud to hear theirs read aloud!
I either reward them with extra computer time or extra outdoor activities. At times a little special snack if they can accumlate enough reward points over a period of time.
Consequences -
(1) Roundhouse kick to the face
(2) 2 Roundhouse kicks to the face

Rewards -
(1) No Roundhouse kick to the face
my daughters 1st grade teacher. Gave each student 3 apples. The children kept them in their desk. If they acted up they had to give the teacher 1 apple. My daughter always very proud she never had an apple taken away and always let me know who did.
I suppose this would work like the 1-2-3- Magic program that I am sure you have heard about.
-say good things, or praise the child (very good, good etc.)
-give him/her a star or smiley face (stamp)

-sit on the thinking chair
-involve in the discussions
-stand up front on the wall
My kids have color cards. Everyone starts with green and then you get one warning after that you turn your card to yellow. Next you turn your card to red and then blue.

If you stay green all day you get 2 points
yellow 1 point
red 0 points and note home
blue 0 points and to the office

Each day they mark down their points for the day and at the end of the week if they have at least 6 points they get an extra color recess; end of the day for 15 minutes I think. Then the color chart has to go home and be signed and brought back. They encourage parents to discuss behavior (why did you get a yellow etc.)
In our school the students earn "money" for good behavior. Money is taken away for breaking the rules. On Friday they get to purchase items with this money. The items have various prices. You can get parents to donate these items to your class. Just tell them it is for behavior incentives. If you have heard this for forgive me. I just know what works for us.

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