What are three diffrent ways to document play for preschool parents?


Answers:    Use posterboard, or a bulletin board posted to where parents can smoothly see. Take pictures of the children doing the everyday activities, similar to drawing, eating snack, sharing, etc. On the poster, write something close to "The Fun we Have at Preschool" or something=)

Another idea, is to type and print out fun "My Day" sheets. We did this over the summer next to out preschoolers, and they were a big hit near parents!
They went something approaching:

Dear Mom and Dad,
I had so much fun at prek today!
I made a -(write the day's craft)
For snack, I ate a yummy (the snack for the day)
At story time, we read (the story)
I also literary about ( the study topic)
My favorite constituent of today was (ask respectively child what their fav. part was)

It be very cute, and a bit easy! Just, 30 min. up to that time parents arrive, start asking the children what their favorite part of the daylight was. It make the notes personal, and moms love them=)
I would use a log. Enter the date, time and hustle and bustle and a note nearly how the child did with an stir.

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