Discipline technique?

I work with a child who is 6 years hoary in a class 1 class. He likes to try and run the show around nearby. When he is told he needs to stop doing something he say just dawdle and continues to do what he has be asked to stop doing. For example, he pokes children when sitting in the listen area and when told to stop he say just hang around and pokes them faster and faster. If you try and move him he begins to hit and tries to bite you. Another incident be he put his feet on his desk and I told him the desk be for paper and for us to put our lunch on and his foot belonged on the floor. He looked at me and said just loaf, and put his feet hindmost and started pounding his feet on the desktop. Does anyone hold any ideas on how to contract with a child who like to use "just wait" and keep on going. I've tried the you have to the count of 3 method and he in recent times looks at me and does it more and faster. I'm lost on ideas! Please comfort.

Answers:    If the child has a obligation for control, let's brainstorm what he can control. He can pass out milk at snack time, he can be flash leader sometimes, He can desire whether to zip his jacket at niche.

As the teacher you draw from to control keeping everyone safe. Poking his neighbor at circle is not not dangerous, it is distracting and disruptive and not safe surrounded by a close circle.

Take a quiet moment near him and present this problem. Respectfully, ask his opinion on how to solve it. He is the expert on his body, right?

Maybe he can choose rewards or consequences for behaviors. But he might report you that Jenny's pink shirt looks so soft it's hard not to touch it or his legs go and get crampy when he's trying to sit at a desk. Perhaps he can sit elsewhere? Perhaps he can ask Jenny's permission to touch her soft shirt after circle.

Invite him to join together your team, together integer out the why and a solution will follow. ...and keep your eyes and ears unfold for disability flags.
You are going to have to mete out a punishment and receive good on it. Also, own you contacted his parents? You can tell him how disruptive and unwarranted his behavior is to the rest of the class. He is old plenty to understand this concept. Try time out or standing contained by the corner of the room... or deny him an activity until he earn the reward of interacting with the rest of the class. He is unquestionably looking for attention or ways to get out of the standard routine and rhythm of the class.

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