Can you recommend any activities (easy craft ideas, games, learning resources, lessons)for teaching preschool?

Question:Especially if you have any links on the internet and materials on the web that can be printed out. Christian ideas encouraged!

Here's one that I like:
and here's another one:
and one more:
This one is part of but is Christian focused:

Are you going to be teaching a preschool class? Be careful about using too many pre-printed things. Preschoolers need to be creative most of the time. Nothing wrong with learning to color inside the lines, but they do need to just color, cut, and glue without working on a structured project sometimes, too!
Preschool printables website, if you type in preschool resources or craft ideas you should be able to find what you are looking for. Kids domain is another good one
If you're looking for something that you can use for a long period of time, check out the first link below. It's a science project that you can base your lesson plans around for a few weeks, and it's a lot of fun, not to mention educational.

Boreal Laboratories has a bunch of different ones, not just the butterflies.

Good luck!
Get "Themeasaurus" books from educational book stores.. they have them for all age groups, and are full of seasonal and everyday crafts.. most of them are learning crafts.
I found this one the Mailbox preschool edition was very helpful. Also Walmart has lots of little books that are mazes, all kinds of stuff.. Cruise your local large city teacher supply stores.. and see if you can get their catalogs! usually at 2nd half of the year you can get their catalogs free or cheaper, and order either online from them, or else by phone. I ordered from Crystal teachers supply I think it was in Sugarland TX, and got my stuff via UPS quite quickly. Mailbox has a preschool edition, it comes out I think 6x a year, also they have all sorts of stuff at their website link (below) . I mostly just found stuff here and there when I taught preschool. I checked Half-Price Bookstores (your state might have them - google half-price bookstores and see if they are in your state - you can often find stuff very cheaply there!) Hope this helps you.
in our school, preschoolers love our teacher let them hear something from a player then, we will guess what that sound,...then,we love exploring throughout our imagination.we'll just put a blindfolder on our eyes then our teacher we'll play a sound then shell instruct what shall we do
i think u should try the and
You'll find your answers here!
Check out http://www.perpetualpreschool. they have tons of activities for all different kinds of themes. Also check out A to Z Teacher Stuff at Some of the best ideas/themes come from the kid's interests themselves, so watch for what interests them and expand on it. Have fun! is a great site it has theme ideas and lesson plans including art projects song ideas science, outdoor suggestions and snack ideas that all fit a theme. plus just type in preschool lesson plans and you will get a ton of sites.
This is my favorite curriculum site. She also has a lot of links to other great site on her page and a complete lesson plan for the entire year.

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