What type of degree or license do I need to work at a daycare?

Question:I am thinking of working at a daycare center and was wondering what schooling or license do I need. And how long will it take to get it? And does anyone know how much they pay?

Wow, that really is a loaded question. Let’s start with the basics. First you would have to locate the center that you are interested in and call them and speech with the director or the Human resources representative. There are numerous centers and all have different requirements for their teachers. Each State has its own licensing requirements that regulate caregiver training. These range from a high school diploma to community college courses to a college degree. Sometimes all that is required is documented hours, which can include babysitting hours. Requirements are generally higher for workers at child care centers than for private non-franchised family child care providers. Child care workers in private settings who care for only a few children often are not regulated by States. You can normally obtain some type of position with a high school diploma and little or no experience. You may want to look into earning a CDA. It is a nationally recognized Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. Checkout CDAClass.org for some information. As a daycare director I can tell you that what you earn is directly proportionate to the type of facility you work for. Non-profit pays less than a private daycare facility or a family day care provider. On average you are looking between $7-$12/hr.
Also, If you are hired you will most likely need to get criminal and child abuse clearances. You can get them yourself prior to applying and it would give you a leg up on the competition. They cost about 10 dollars each. However, if you are hired and they are required your company will see to it that they get them for you. I would suggest starting as an assistant teacher or a aide. The qualifications are less, and you would be able to get your feet wet and see if the field is really for you. Than, if it is for you you can invest in further education.

It can be a very rewarding career and fun to boot. The littlest minds are the most impressionable and I wish you all the luck if you choose to pursue a career in the field.
I guess a Diploma in Early Childhood Education is an added advantage.
These are good answers. You might want to start by volunteering a little time in a preschool classroom to see if this is a field you would enjoy. Keep track of your time in case you decide to go on for a CDA! This is not a high paying field to go into. All that is required to start in many centers is a high school diploma and your clearances (any child care center or preschool can tell you how to get your clearances), but to move up as you gain experience, you will want to get a CDA and then a degree. A two year degree is often acceptable, but if you get a four year degree (Elementary Education with Early Childhood certification) you will make yourself much more marketable. This is a very rewarding career if you find you enjoy it! Good luck!
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