I'm starting PreSchool on Monday! Help!?

Question:Help! I'm starting PreSchool on Monday! It's my first time going to school and I don't know what it's like or what to do! Please help me!

Thank You! :(

try not to drink too much milk before naptime unless you've been out of diapers for at least a couple of years (or if you still are in diapers)
okay i loved pre school. You just act normal and make friends do what YOU are TOLD! :)
wow you're really young. Shut up and go to school. there's like no pressure when you're that young its awesome.
okay.. whatever.
if ur starting preschool how are you on here?
haha aww its so cute that you go on the internet hahaha
awww dont worry about it.Preschool is nothing hun wait untill you have to to go to middle school then high school then collage.Thoose are the real jumps.
Dont worry about it little one.Just interact with all the other kids and dont be mean.
aww good luckkk.

also listen to the teacher!
I just graduated preschool. Don't pick your nose and eat it.
Wow! Your writing skills are amazing. Perhaps your parents should look into allowing you to skip a few grades.
well be your self and when you get in the class room sit at there level and tell them your name and ask them quistions and you should have a lession plan for them that way you are not stuck all day trying to figure out what is next . here are some things to get you going for the morning. well after breakfast you let them all go to the bath room wash up then you sit them down for there circle time i hope there is a carpet for them tosit on . then you can start off with reconizeing there abcs then there #'s then you could sing songs with them make a game out of all this. you can make up things as you go make it last 20 mins. then you do a craft at the table then you go out side and let them play . then you come in and get ready for music time and get them fired up . then it should be lunch time. then nap time you will get you own lession plan going this is some idea for you so you dont feel lost. good luck i hope you have a good first day...///
what's your name ,Re-run !
ummm. come on it's not like you are going to high school, Jr. high or college the worst thing that can happen is you dint go to sleep at nap time! write to us when you start high school, Jr high or college. the parent of the preschooler is don't worry she will adopt to her new surroundings and you will get over it. come on be realistic.
err, okay...well if you're only starting preSchool then i dont see why the hell you're nervous...there is nothing to be scraed about, c'mon its Preschool.!!
how old are you? you write well :)
... good luck && be yourself
Just remember-no kicking, biting, or scratching and always share!

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