I need a cute grandparents day craft ?

Question:i am looking for a cute grandparents day craft for my kids to make there grandparents!! my kids are 2 and 4 ! please write back if you have any ideas thanks

Something with their hand prints. Maybe have them decorate the piece with paint or stamps and include a pic of them with Grandma or just them?
Have them decorate a picture frame with paints and then put a picture of them in it.
Make family trees out of your childrens' handprints. You don't have to do a huge one. Just start with the grandparents at top, then you or your husband, and them. You could have them write the words or even do it with photos.
a homemade photo frame with picture- you can use popsicle sticks, noodles and buttons. or do a collage.
Make pasta necklaces.Just make sure that the kids understand NOT to put the pasta in their mouths. Hope that helps.
a letter holder for incoming mail for g.p.flower holder for g.m.
Do you have a place called "Color me Mine" near you? it is place you can paint various items like plates, bowls, cups, etc. the kids love doing it and grandparents really enjoy receiving the end products.

Target also has some handprint items for decent prices in the craft section.
let them finger paint terracotta pots, then put a nice plant in them.

or go to thr craft store and get a kit suncatcher kit.. those were so much fun when I was a kid.
they also have great lttle jewelry and bead kits.. youhave to supervise closely with little ones, but they can be fun too.
I've got something from my daughter still from her preschool.. although it was for mothers day.. its' a red heart.. with a red doily heart behind it.. says in glue with red glitter put on it Rachel loves Mom.. it hangs in my living room.. something like that.. or have them draw a big picture of them with grandma and grandpa.. and decorate with glitter.. and heart stickers.. or a "foamies" frame.. decorated with those foamies hearts.. use that craft foam glue..that stuff actually sticks.and walmart carries it.
Here is a great web site that lists a bunch of different hand print crafts that correspond to different poems. I definitely using one of these crafts.

when my kids were about that age, we made the cutest flower pots for their grandmothers.

i bought a medium size terra cotta flower pot at walmart and had the kids make their hand prints on the pots with acrylic paint.

i then, wrote happy grandparents day on the ream and their names with the date and year.

it was a huge success and everyone loved it!
i just got these by email from preschoolrock.com:


also here's an idea for a photo frame:
puor a lot of glitter into some PVA glue, get some play clay or doh, make a long snake shape then stick it on a plastic bag in a heart shape, you will now have a heart shape border to pour the PVA inside... dont forget to place an inverted cup in the middle before pouring your mixture.. after the mixture is dry(it might take some time) the glue will dry clear and you'll be left with a wonderful shiny glitter heart... take it off the plastic bag and take the doh away, stick the photo in the empty circle in the middle ( after removing the cup)... this one is from artattack.co.uk. you might wanna take a look at it as i might have forgotten something.
what about making a mm cookie receipe in a jar ,measuring out the ingredients and layering the ingredients in jar with the receipe inside a card (a card your children make for them)
We went out to the local craft store and bought cheep coffee mugs that you can decorate yourself. We had the children finger paint a scene of their grandparents, typed a poem then we put it on the paper that would go inside the clear outer part of the mug. The cost for each mug was 35cents. We has all the art supplies and paper. We did use a good copy paper to finger paint and put the poem on for clarity.

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