Any thinking for a cheap book center at a preschool?

I need to lend a hand build a book center for $250 or less. I stipulation 2 book shelves, and maybe a nice rug or some beanbags for the kids to be comfortable. Any suggestions on online stores or catalogs that are cheap? Thanks!

Answers:    ~I hold a ton of ideas for you as this is one of our erudition centers in my classroom.

1. We use milk crates, flex tied together at the top and bottom. If you go to the local grocery stores and share them what your doing they will likely donate. Just label sure you stack them two crates high. Their also great because they can divide the nouns off from the rest of the room and fashion it like for a time library.
2. For the rug, and maybe bean heaps chairs #1 send a file home to the parents explaning that you are creating a new study area and would similar to to know if anyone is planning to get rid of this items, and if so you will hold them. If not, check walmart and target.
3. Do you participate w/ Scholastic online book clubs? They hold a points program where you can earn furniture for free for the classroom. My class basically recieved the cutest little glider couch. It would be perfect for a reading nouns. They also have a table and chairs and a bunch of other items.
4. I suggest for the books I would check ebay, where on earth you can buy them in lots and the shipping is supper cheap for medium mail. That's the great entry about the crates, you can use them to store paperwork nicely and display them on the top.
5. Another belief that I use is from the dollar tree. They sell contains nearby for $1.00 that come in multiple colors and sizes. I purchased several of these and we use them as our "book boxes" for our seasonl books and also anything paper rear. The books clean-up well and the kids love the colorful containers.

Good Luck!! :0)
I built my classroom library at courtyard sales and thrift stores! It's amazing how various great books you can find there... as okay as rugs! Also, sign up for scholastic. You get $10 contained by free books per month plus free points to buy books from the orders your parents place. The books are also cheap for personal shopping also.
Books shelves can be bought cheaply at wal-mart, or if you know a handyman they can be made glibly.
Also, many of my books be hand-me-downs from other teachers/parents. In your classroom newsletter ask parents for books that they do not use anymore to put in your library.
Half price books or resale shops. Garage sale. Book drive? Encourage parents to bring one or two books to donate to class.

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