What is the role of a nursery nurse assistant?

Question:im starting an apprenticeship in september im 16 just left school quite nervous,no experience and i dont know what to expect, what is a nursery nurse assistant required to do?will i have as much responsibility as an actual nursery nurse, all i know is i want to work with young children

Im a deputy manager of a nursery and the nursery assistants where i work do exactly the same job role as a nursery nurse, we are all treated as equals. although as an apprentice you wouldnt be required to do the role of a nursery assistant within my setting you would not be counted in ratios, you would learn through observation and hands on experience. Always insist on working with all age ranges because many people have preferences. i love working with the older children but i have colleagues that prefer babies the more experience with all the better best thing to do is enjoy your role and be keen to learn and develop the most the staff could ask for is for you to use your initiative join in and be enthusiastic, the staff will make you welcome and you'll soon fit it.
basically just look after the children
a role of nursery nurse is to read rhymes to the children feed them and basically sing songs, help them paint or read and write.

you will have to do some responsible work but you will have a supervisour for just in case situations

dont worry
screaming kids, dirty nappies, sick, tears, and lots of learning at college for HNC in childcare.
I love the way people mock a nursery nurse role. I am such a dedicated worker and always come home feeling tired i feel i do just as much as the teacher if not more. Its what you put into it. Its hard its frustarating and very challenging. Always cover your own back dont be alone with a child ever. Get a good relationships with parents its the m ain thing

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