I'm a preschool instructor, at work I be accuse of/punished for something I did not do. Do I own any recourse?

Higher management for the institution were informed of the inccident. And canceled my assignment. The inccident-we adjectives smelled smoke in the bathroom. I be questioned; however, I found out that it be their belief that I was the with the sole purpose smoker working there. Two other ladies also smoke-but neither the site supervisor or district supervisor or even upper administration has that information. I know it wasn't me, but I be punished. My agency-by whom I am employed told me that they can no longer send me to any of the sites affiliated near this specific company. I can't have this much wrong done to my reputation as a professional, dedicated (damn good) babyish childhood educator. Please administer me your advice. I would own to have partly a brain to smoke any near my classroom permit alone smoke indoors and in the fully fledged bathroom. Again help-or where can I acquire help near this?

Answers:    Sounds like wrongful dismissal indeed. You could enlist the services of a advocate. Some might provide you with a free consultation to start next to. If costs are prohibitive, note that courts usually allow family to represent themselves. This would imply that you procure acquainted with the path proceedings are handled and prepare the grip on your own. An attorney would take exactness of that for you which may be safer considering that the agency and the school would own their own to defend themselves. Although not anyone fully aware of laws and regulations surrounded by your area, I lug it that you might also lodge a complaint at the National Labor Relation Board or a similar institution.
Strong evidence in your favor is the certainty that they are 2 other ladies who smoke too and could have visit that bathroom as well, at the alleged time of the incident. At the least possible, you would have them subpoenaed to testify within court under oath whether they are smokers. At best, you would enjoy a video of them smoking, but not necessarily in the bathroom... if privacy law are to be taken into account too.
Nonetheless, the proof against you seem weak and circumstantial since within is no direct evidence that you were the one smoking afterwards. Therefore, it would be wrong to have you dismissed base on mere assumptions considering that someone, even a non-smoker, might even have framed you. A disgruntled soul :) at the school could own done it. Who knows?
Winning that bag should therefore be a piece of cake. It might embezzle long though as court proceedings usually do; and some delaying strategy might be attempted in hopes that you would endow with it up, but the odds are within your favor.
consult an attorney.

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